Latino? Of­fended? Make sure you vote

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such con­tempt for Don­ald Trump that ev­ery lit­tle thing sets them off.

A re­cent NBC News/Wall Street Jour­nal/Tele­mu­ndo poll found the Repub­li­can nom­i­nee trail­ing Hil­lary Clin­ton

ex­pressed a neg­a­tive

per­cent said they view him pos­i­tively.

The lat­est lit­tle thing to

phrase that Trump used in the last de­bate in talk­ing about de­por­ta­tions.

“We have some bad hom­bres here, and we’re go­ing to get them out,” Trump said.

Bad hom­bres. Those two words were all it took to get

Twit­ter, and In­sta­gram. I don’t see why. If I were to make a list of ev­ery in­sult that

in­nocu­ous phrase “bad hom­bres” wouldn’t even make the

ev­ery day in Amer­ica by both po­lit­i­cal par­ties. And yet what gets us up in arms? The zinger “bad hom­bres.” That’s silly.

the la­bel as a badge of honor. Oth­ers are blow­ing the whole thing out of pro­por­tion.

Carolina Moreno, an editor Huff­in­g­ton Post’s jour­nal­is­tic

top­ics that are con­sid­ered not in­ter­est­ing or valu­able enough by a mostly white edit­ing staff to be put on the

What galled her about the “hom­bres” crack was that Trump “dared to use my na­tive lan­guage and the lan­guage to de­mean un­doc­u­mented im­mi­grants.” Ac­cord­ing to Moreno, Trump was try­ing to “use our own lan­guage against us” in a way that amounted to “a cor­rup­tion of

my mother tongue.”

That’s a bit over­done. I take it Moreno wasn’t over­wrought with cul­tural angst a few years ago when Pres­i­dent Obama mis­tak­enly wel­comed the White House to cel­e­brate “Cinco de Cu­a­tro.”

My run­down of Trump’s worst af­fronts would in­clude call­ing Mex­i­can im­mi­grants “crim­i­nals” and “rapists,” couldn’t be fair be­cause “he’s a Mex­i­can,” and la­bel­ing

House­keep­ing.” The fact that Trump used the word “hom­bres” to de­scribe il­le­gal im­mi­grants with crim­i­nal records isn’t in the same league.

more se­ri­ously if we were less se­lec­tive in our out­rage, and if we weren’t so quick to cut Democrats so much slack.

In try­ing to jus­tify mass de­por­ta­tions, Obama has in­sisted that his pri­or­ity is to re­move “gang-bangers or crim­i­nals.” While stump­ing for an

ref­er­ence to African-

to them as “the kinds of kids who are called ‘super preda­tors’” and said “we have to bring them to heel.”

Clearly, Democrats can be as of­fen­sive and tone-deaf when it comes to race. And we need to call them on it.

But be­ing of­fended is easy.

got their feel­ings hurt by some­thing that Trump said or did dur­ing this cam­paign shows up at the polls and votes.

Jan Brewer doesn’t think that will hap­pen. The in­tensely un­lik­able for­mer Ari­zona

law an im­mi­gra­tion mea­sure that re­quired lo­cal and state law en­force­ment of­fi­cers

Clin­ton would have a tough time win­ning Ari­zona on the

be­cause, as Brewer told The get out and vote.”

wrong. This elec­tion is too im­por­tant. How you vote is your busi­ness. Write in some­one, or vote for a third party. But vote.

The best rea­son to vote for Clin­ton is not be­cause you be­lieve that she cares about you or will keep her prom­ises; it’s to stop Trump. And the best rea­son to vote for Trump is not be­cause you be­lieve that he’ll change a sys­tem that made him rich and fa­mous or will keep his prom­ises; it’s to de­feat Clin­ton.

As for me, I re­main “Never, Never.” I’ve cho­sen this path be­cause I see the truth in the meme I read re­cently that de­scribed Trump as rep­re­sent­ing “ev­ery­thing that is wrong with our cul­ture” and Clin­ton as em­body­ing “ev­ery­thing that is wrong with our gov­ern­ment.” That about cov­ers it.

Ruben Navarette Jr. is a syn­di­cated colum­nist from the Wash­ing­ton Post. His email is reuben@ruben­

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