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Dear Mary: I can’t thank you enough for telling us about your magic shower and tub cleaner. I live in an older home in moldy ol’ Florida, and I have a tile shower. Since us­ing your magic for­mula, I only bleached once this whole sum­mer. I squirt the shower down two to three times a week, and OMG! — Mike.

Dear Mike: I know so many read­ers are chomp­ing at the bit to know more about the se­cret con­coc­tion that saved your life . I call it my Magic Tub and Tile Soap and Scum Re­mover. Pour 1 cup blue Dawn dish­wash­ing liq­uid into a 32-ounce spray bot­tle. Add enough white vine­gar to fill the bot­tle to within an inch of the top. Done. Shake the bot­tle, and then spray away. Spray the walls, floor, fix­tures, glass doors, sham­poo caddy and ev­ery sur­face in­side the tub or shower.

If the soap, scum, mold and mildew are well-de­vel­oped, leave the re­mover on overnight. In the morn­ing, gen­tly scrub with a sponge, Scotchbrite or brush. Once the area is clean, spray it down once a week or so. You won’t even have to scrub from then on; just spray, wait a few min­utes and rinse.

Dear Mary: We are try­ing to fru­gal­ize ev­ery de­tail of our lives so we can live on one in­come. How do you rec­om­mend clean­ing dry-clean-only cloth­ing items like men’s suits and blaz­ers? — Katy Dear Katy: While many cloth­ing items marked “Dry Clean Only” can be hand-washed suc­cess­fully, men’s suits and blaz­ers are not among them. How­ever, if you ex­er­cise good care these items can be pro­fes­sion­ally cleaned far less fre­quently than you might think.

Some fab­rics like wool and cash­mere must be drycleaned, but it is not good for them to be dry-cleaned of­ten. In­stead, ev­ery month or two you should hang those items — es­pe­cially suits, sports coats and blaz­ers — out­doors for sev­eral hours out of di­rect sun­light. That will re­fresh and re­new those nat­u­ral fibers.

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