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UNSHRINK WOOL. Mix a so­lu­tion of 1 gal­lon luke­warm wa­ter and 2 ta­ble­spoons baby sham­poo. Soak the shrunken gar­ment for about 10 min­utes. Here’s the im­por­tant part: Don’t rinse it. Sim­ply blot out the ex­cess wa­ter with a dry towel and very gen­tly lay the gar­ment flat on a fresh towel. Slowly and care­fully stretch and re­shape it back to its orig­i­nal size. Dry it out of di­rect sun­light or heat.

LOST SAV­INGS BONDS. Pro­vided you have a fairly ac­cu­rate mem­ory, you might be able to re­place the bonds. The Bureau of Pub­lic Debt, the branch of the U.S. Trea­sury De­part­ment that is­sues bonds and trea­sury notes, has come up with a sim­ple sys­tem for re­plac­ing bonds. First, you need to get FS Form 1048. Fill in the ap­prox­i­mate is­sue date along with your full name (as it was at the time the bond was is­sued), ad­dress, Social Se­cu­rity num­ber and, if pos­si­ble, the bond se­rial num­bers. Who­ever gave them to you might have recorded the num­bers, so keep look­ing. Once the form is pro­cessed, the bureau will is­sue you a new set of cer­tifi­cates.

GET A DEAL ON TIRES. When buy­ing re­place­ment tires, ask the store man­ager whether there are any take-offs avail­able that would fit your car. These are like-new tires that are re­moved from a car when the owner re­places them with fancy (ex­pen­sive) tires. Of­ten, the tire shop will sell take-offs with large dis­counts just to move them out. Before you pur­chase, call a few stores in your area to make sure you’re get­ting a great deal.

BA­NANA TREE. In­stead of pay­ing $10 or more for a trendy new ba­nana tree (a gad­get that sits on the counter and al­lows ba­nanas to hang prop­erly so they ripen evenly with­out get­ting bruised), buy one large cup hook from the hard­ware store and screw it into the un­der­side of an up­per kitchen cab­i­net. Your ba­nanas will hang prop­erly and be up and out of the way. And it’ll only cost about a quar­ter.

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