Wall­pa­per re­moval is a messy job!

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A let­ter I re­ceived in my in­box this week sent me into hy­per­me­m­ory mode. For a few min­utes, I re­lived the time when wall­pa­per was all the rage, when I de­cided to wall­pa­per our din­ing room in a lovely or­ange and yel­low flo­ral stripe.

Any­way, it took me all of one Saturday to get the job done, but I did it, and it looked fan­tas­tic. The next morn­ing, I rushed in to ad­mire my hand­i­work only to find ev­ery square inch of the lovely flo­ral pa­per on the floor.

I raced to the home im­prove­ment store to get the strong­est, most heavy-duty wa­ter­proof wall­pa­per paste I could find. I was de­ter­mined to make that pa­per stick now and for all eter­nity. While I had no in­ten­tion of ever re­mov­ing it, I do feel bad for the peo­ple who bought the place. Or­ange and yel­low flo­ral stripes are not ex­actly a time­less decor look.

Dear Mary: Is there any easy and quick way to re­move wall­pa­per and the paste from bath­room walls? — Mickey

Dear Mickey: The an­swer to your ques­tion de­pends on how the wall­pa­per was ap­plied. If it was pre-pasted pa­per, it should come off quite eas­ily. How­ever, be­cause bath­rooms can get hot and hu­mid, I’m go­ing to guess that your wall­pa­per was ap­plied with heavy-duty paste, which could present a big chal­lenge.

You could try a strong so­lu­tion of white vine­gar and water (say, 2 cups of vine­gar to a quart of hot water) in a spray bot­tle. Spray this on one small sec­tion of wall­pa­per at a time. It will soften most pastes, so you can scrape the pa­per and back­ing from the wall eas­ily. Again, it de­pends on the type of glue that was used and how old the wall­pa­per is.

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