Cecil Whig : 2020-09-25

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on the web email Friday, September 25, 2020 • Cecil Whig • www.cecildaily.com • letters@cecilwhig.com • Page B9 ASK IKEA What adjustment­s/changes have you had to make due to COVID-19 to keep your staff and customers safe? Temperatur­e checks, masks, social distancing policies, work from home accommodat­ions. What sets your business apart for employees? Our values, we truly have them anchored in our building and have a great work environmen­t because of this. Why do employees choose you? We offer a fair starting rate and outstandin­g benefits. How has your team reacted to challenges caused by the pandemic? Our team has worked through the entire pandemic and we are super proud of them. They have truly adjusted to all the changes and sometimes inconvenie­nces in a great way. Will any new practices spurned by COVID-19 will be a permanent part of your business? Working from home will continue to be extended to those who can. We will probably continue to social distance in some ways and keep the practices of washing your hands and sanitizing ongoing. *Paid editorial content BIG JOBS FOR ASSISTANCE PLEASE CALL 410-770-4000, 888-431-3122, OR EMAIL CLASSADS@CHESPUB.COM Maryland book of

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