Cecil Whig : 2020-09-25



12 Cecil Whig APG Media of Chesapeake, LLC September 25 - October 1, 2020 Congratula­tions on turning 65! Welcome to Medicare! You're probably wondering, "now what…?" 19. “__ __ of Adaline”; 2015 Blake Lively film 22.“The __ Ant Show” (1965-68) 24.Peruvian Indian 29.“Paper __”; movie for Ryan & Tatum 31.“Green __ and Ham”; Dr. Seuss book 34. Nabisco treat 35. “Rocky” production co. 36.Setting for “Evening Shade”: abbr. 37.__ Foxx 40.Role on “Black-ish” 42.“The Beverly Hillbillie­s” role 44.Initials for Lynn Redgrave’s acting sister 46.Acuff’s initials 41.“The __ Breed”; 1966 James Stewart film 42. Pitcher 43. Audacity 45.“Say Yes to the __” 47.Mostel of “Fiddler on the Roof” 48.“My Two __” (198790) Confused about your health plan options? Tired of all the phone calls? Overwhelme­d with stacks of mail? I CAN HELP. I will provide and explain all the plan benefit informatio­n AT NO COST TO YOU! Roger L. Owens 410-398-7082 Serving Cecil County since 1983 DOWN This is an advertisem­ent. By calling the number above you will be directed to a licensed insurance agent. Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsedrt­yhisminafo­rrkmafitin­ona. 1. Actor on “Magnum P.I.” (2) “Blood & __”; 2015 Don Johnson series Initials for Ricky Nelson’s mom Actress Carter Della’s “Touched by an Angel” role Word in the title of Howie’s game show Initials for Patty Hearst’s dad Actor on “Chicago Med” (2) 9. British bathrooms 11.Boy Scout’s accessory 14.“__ Do Anything”; song from “Oliver!” 15. Gym class, for short 18. “__ __ at a Time” Placing an obituary in the Cecil Whig is easy. Go to https://placement. memoriams.com/CecilWhig 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ACROSS 13.Hot __ Houlihan 16.Initials for fairy tale writer Andersen 17.Sandra of “Grey’s Anatomy” 1. Wayne or Goodman 5. “Cougar __” 9. Pop singer Frankie 10.“To __ __ human ...” 12.Skinny Olive TRIAL OFFER $9.95 A MONTH 0/530/3/210/2109 e1 s Offffee r EExpxiprei­r s Systems On All Kinetico Water Simply the most efficient and environmen­tally responsibl­e water treatment systems available on the planet. word search solution SYSTEMS TO REMOVE: M C D Z A S B Y A X B D N K F U L K Y E H M E L L I O T V I U E W S V A W U F R W S H V N D T R M R D D M I U E R A K N C W O I N O Q S C R E M U R D E R A N D W U T B S P C G U C X N E J R Y D O S U H O G Z L Z G S Q N D V H M A S J C I R M E O A S F A I N Y L N O M S A M A T I D L C L A K W L N N B U V A O F E G L G O H E L I L C R A I R L E Y F Q M I P A E V R O M A S T S T R U G G L E A H W R M C Y A E R E N D I Hardness, Iron ,Bad Taste & Odors, Sulfur, Chlorine, Nitrates, Lead, Chemicals, Bacteria, and more... For up-to-date local news and sports EFFICIENT OPERATION No Electric or Timeclocks Advanced Technology Up To 99% Efficiency Rating Sodium Free Option Bottled Water Quality on tap www.cecildaily.com 800-786-7231 2 x 4” ad Hearing Center 3 x 4” ad martin appliance www.martinwate­r.com

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