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Prior to Tues­day, Dems’ plat­form was: “Trump.” De­fin­i­tive plat­form. Hint: Trump was lesser of two evils in 2016.

Good news! Af­ter an­nounce­ment Dems will con­trol the House, a lead Dem said that pri­or­ity will be: (hold breath) get­ting Trump’s IRS fil­ings. Ti­t­il­lat­ingly, an­other Dem an­nounced the pri­or­ity to im­peach Ka­vanaugh. Lastly, shifty move, ex­pand Rus­sian probe. (Word limit, good taste for­bids defin­ing Dem R-probe for you.)

Our repub­lic is an ed­u­ca­tion prob­lem. Not solv­able at uni­ver­sity level. Maybe at school board level, with parental su­per­vi­sion (first, make English pri­mary). There it can be taught that we are not a democ­racy. Un­til higher IQ cit­i­zenry, is and will be mob rule.

So­cial­ism has not, will not work. Prob­lem with so­cial­ism is so­cial­ism; prob­lem with cap­i­tal­ism – cap­i­tal­ists. Ben Franklin was asked what have you given us. He replied, “A repub­lic, madam, if you can keep it.” (Ours based on: free­dom, val­ues and faith, is why it works, for now).

“The View”’s Joy Be­har showed us the elo­quent Dem IQ , when she said ger­ry­man­der­ing was the prob­lem so many Repub­li­cans won in the Se­nate. (Memo school board: Two Sen­a­tors, each state, statewide elec­tions; i.e., no ger­ry­man­der­ing.)

Robert Hein­lein: “The United States has be­come a place where en­ter­tain­ers and pro­fes­sional ath­letes are mis­taken for peo­ple of im­por­tance.”

Over­heard: Peo­ple moved their regis­tra­tion from So­cial­ist to Demo­crat, raised IQ both par­ties. PS: With Repub­li­can Pres­i­dent and Se­nate, Dem House, stale­mates should keep feds out of our lives for a while. Sigh.

– Joe Rech, Philips­burg, PA

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