Good seeds are planted as we be­gin the day read­ing the word and pray­ing

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“At the next in­ter­sec­tion make a com­plete ‘u’ turn and fol­low the di­rec­tion to re­turn to your orig­i­nal route,” said a calm voice wait­ing to cor­rect the driver who failed to fol­low the “com­mands” com­ing from his GPS. “Then, in five hun­dred feet, make a left turn and re­sume your route.” It was not nor­mal to lis­ten to an un­known and un­fa­mil­iar voice to pro­vide in­for­ma­tion that would di­rect a driver to a desti­na­tion he had never seen be­fore.

Fol­low­ing di­rec­tion from an un­known source is risky. Trust be­comes a crit­i­cal-if not most crit­i­cal-fac­tor. How do we know if the per­son who is giv­ing us ad­vice is cred­i­ble and trust­wor­thy? Is that per­son look­ing out for our best in­ter­ests or want­ing to play a game with our life in the bal­ance? No doubt all of us, at one time or an­other, have found our­selves on a route that was wrong-ei­ther by be­ing care­less or by mak­ing a mis­take.

David de­cided to fol­low a route that would take him in the wrong di­rec­tion. He went against God’s GPS. As a re­sult, he ended up be­ing guilty of a se­ries of sins that came from giv­ing in to a pow­er­ful temp­ta­tion. It set in mo­tion a chain re­ac­tion that fol­lows the nor­mal se­quences of sin: first, he faced temp­ta­tion; se­condly, he re­fused to lis­ten to the warn­ing of the Holy Spirit; thirdly, he re­fused His route of es­cape; fourth, he com­mit­ted the sin and then suf­fered the con­se­quences of the sin on him­self and oth­ers. What a tragic route he fol­lowed. But out of this tragedy there was tri­umph. A “voice” said to him, “You have sinned!”

When David heard God’s voice, (His GPS), he ad­mit­ted his sins and made a “u” turn. He asked God to for­give him and He did. “Have mercy on me,” he cried, “and blot out my trans­gres­sions.” If we, like David, lis­ten to His voice and fol­low His “com­mands,” He will lead us safely in paths of right­eous­ness.

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