Two dif­fer­ent men, two dif­fer­ent des­tinies be­cause of two dif­fer­ent choices.

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“I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die,” he whis­pered in des­per­a­tion. He was a world leader — loved by many, dreaded by some, ques­tioned by oth­ers.

He was a prom­i­nent fig­ure on the world’s stage hav­ing great power and pres­tige, wealth and con­trol that could not be de­nied. But in his fi­nal mo­ments ev­ery­thing that he had or had ac­com­plished could not ex­tend the life of Hugo Chavez one mo­ment nor re­lease him from his fear of dy­ing. David wrote of a life that could end this way. “Here now is the man who did not make God his strong­hold.”

An­other man who came to the end of his life who was also a world leader. His re­sume de­scribes him as a ruler with great power and au­thor­ity, vast wealth and owner of beauti- ful build­ings, a sol­dier, a poet, one who cared deeply for oth­ers and was “a man after God’s own heart.” When he faced death he said “When I walk through the dark val­ley death I will not be afraid.”

Two dif­fer­ent men, two dif­fer­ent desti- nies be­cause of two dif­fer­ent choices. One lived his life with no fear of God. He sought fame and the fa­vor of man. The other lives his life in fear of God and sought His fa­vor, of­ten His for­give­ness but al­ways his ap­proval.

All of us have th­ese same choices. We can live for our­selves, as Hugo Chavez did, seek­ing recog­ni­tion and power and die in fear as he did. Or, we can choose to live for God as David did, serve Him faith­fully with great love and pas­sion and die as he did in peace.

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