Ru­ral Amer­ica vi­tal to na­tion

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Farm­ers live and work in ru­ral ar­eas and ru­ral Amer­ica is vi­tal to this na­tion and it was ru­ral Amer­ica that elected our last pres­i­dent. This proved that ru­ral Amer­ica has a loud voice.

For sev­eral years’ farm­ers had their liveli­hood threat­ened by reg­u­la­tions com­ing down from the EPA, the Depart­ment of La­bor, and the USFDA. So, farm­ers spoke loud at the bal­lot box and Wash­ing­ton politi­cians need to take note. They can fix bor­der en­force­ment and have a good guest worker pro­gram. They can fix trade is­sues and re­form the tax code. They must get busy and quit fight­ing across the isles to get it done.

Chang­ing gears now, re­searchers have been work­ing hard to make things bet­ter on the farm. They have been work­ing on bio based prod­ucts for some time now. The mak­ing of fu­els, chem­i­cals, car­pet­ing, cloth­ing, pa­per, cel­lo­phane, film, var­nishes, tex­tiles, plas­tics, lu­bri­cants, clean­ing prod­ucts, inks, fer­til­iz­ers, and feeds from farm prod­ucts is very en­cour­ag­ing. Re­search us­ing corn, beets, canola, sun­flow­ers, soy­beans, wood bi-prod­ucts, grasses, pota­toes, ap­ples, saw­dust, and weeds are just some of the farm com­modi­ties that are be­ing used in re­search.

This re­search no doubt will bring more jobs and dol­lars into the economies down on the farm.

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