Prom­ises from Heaven


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But of these who seemed to be some­what, (what­so­ever they were, it maketh no mat­ter to me: God ac­cepteth no man’s per­son:) for they who seemed to be some­what in con­fer­ence added noth­ing to me. (Gala­tians Ch. 2 verse 6).

From the first “In,” to the last “Amen,” the Holy Bi­ble in its en­tirety was di­vinely writ­ten to all peo­ple, be they Jew or Gen­tile, saint and sin­ner, of any color or birthright. Un­der the Old Covenant obe­di­ence was pri­mar­ily out of fear and pun­ish­ment. God’s Word un­der His New Covenant prom­ises se­cu­rity be­cause of His grace, the once and for all sac­ri­fice of His Son, that now ap­plies to all peo­ple.

And His Word, His con­tract, His covenant is good. Isn’t it a great and won­der­ful feel­ing to know that our se­cu­rity and safety, is the will and the Word of God. And His prom­ises are good, for all times, for all peo­ple. There is no way to know and be in God’s will, with­out know­ing and obey­ing “all” of God’s Word. “Love one an­other” comes to mind. As the Word is be­ing taught and pro­claimed to­day, we must heed the Apos­tle Paul’s warn­ing: “If any­one pro­claims a dif­fer­ent gospel, per­verts the gospel of Christ, or preaches any other gospel, let him be ac­cursed.” (Gala­tians Ch.1 verses 6-9).

There is no rea­son or ex­cuse to add, ig­nore or delete any­thing from the prom­ises from Heaven. They were writ­ten to all of us with the grace and di­vine wis­dom of God and our Lord Je­sus Christ. Cher­ish them, be­lieve them, de­fend them, let the Holy Spirit in­ter­pret them.

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