Agri­cul­ture is es­sen­tial

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Agri­cul­ture is a big word that means a lot to re­ally ev­ery­one. Agri­cul­ture is more than cul­ti­vat­ing soil, pro­duc­ing crops, and rais­ing live­stock, it is an es­sen­tial part of our lives that we de­pend on. Cul­ti­va­tion of crops is the # 1 source of our food with live­stock farm­ing com­ing in at #2. Aqua­cul­ture and bee farm­ing are com­mon food sources as well. Agri­cul­ture prod­ucts are used ev­ery day and a big part of our sur­vival. Food, cloth­ing, shel­ter, fu­els, and ev­ery­thing plas­tic comes by the farm. Farm­ers are a spe­cial breed of peo­ple, and pro­vide an es­sen­tial ser­vice to the world. Farm­ing is hard work and stress­ful and that is why farm­ers need to stop and re­lax oc­ca­sion­ally and look at the lighter side:

A lit­tle boy ask the farmer, What you got on the back of your truck? The farmer said, I have a load of ma­nure that I am go­ing to put on my straw­ber­ries. The lit­tle boy said, You need to come home with me, we put ice cream on our straw­ber­ries.

Why did the scarecrow win the No­bel Prize? Be­cause he was out stand­ing in his field. Pota­toes hate Fry-days. Why did the farm­ers cow jump over the moon? Be­cause the farmer had cold hands.

What do you call a rancher that laughs all the time? A jolly rancher.

What does the dairy­man talk about while milk­ing? Ud­der non­sense.

I hope this is bet­ter next week from the farm!

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