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Pork is still a good buy in US

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I like pork, and have some kind most morn­ings for break­fast. Pork is a good buy in the gro­cery store too, which makes it a fa­vorite in most homes in Amer­ica.

Pig farm­ing has changed a lot over the years and pig farm­ers have faced more than their share of chal­lenges. There are over 67,000 U.S. pig farms, with over 113 mil­lion pigs. These are 98 per­cent fam­ily owned pig farms. That is 23 bil­lion pounds of pork each year. That is 13 bil­lion plus in­dus­try in farm value, and 34 bil­lion in mar­ket value.

Pig pro­duc­tion is up 8.3 per­cent from last year, and the breed­ing num­bers are ex­pected to go up 4.6 per­cent. Ex­ports of pork is up 49 per­cent to over 36,200 met­ric tons. China is the largest buyer of U.S. pork buy­ing 23,900 met­ric tons.

The USDA Meat Sci­ence Re­searchers have de­ter­mined that the qual­ity of U.S. pork is up af­ter test­ing loin qual­ity, pork bel­lies, and hams in the an­i­mals they tested. There are sev­eral rea­sons for this: 1. Bet­ter hous­ing of pigs. 2. Bet­ter health man­age­ment. 3. Bet­ter odor con­trol. 4. Larger leaner pigs. 5. Bet­ter nutri­tion. 6. Bet­ter ma­nure man­age­ment. Pig farm­ers have faced many chal­lenges like: 1. Price of corn. 2. Ethanol pro­duc­tion. 3. Drought. 4. Extreme ac­tivism. 5. Ex­port and trade is­sues. Don’t lis­ten to the news if you want to know what goes on down on the farm, but lis­ten to the farm­ers that are try­ing to feed the world.

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