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Chevro­let Per­for­mance has your back with pre­ci­sion crafts­man­ship and dura­bil­ity when it comes to crate en­gines

Chevro­let Per­for­mance has your back with pre­ci­sion crafts­man­ship and dura­bil­ity when it comes to crate en­gines


heard all the sto­ries through the years about crate en­gines: Miss­ing parts, poorly ma­chined or bad cast­ings, and even the has­sle of hav­ing to re­place a failed crate en­gine and fight­ing with the re­builder over warranty is­sues. The frus­tra­tion goes on.

But, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Re­build­ing en­gines on a mass scale has been a bru­tal learn­ing curve for en­gine re­builders from coast to coast. They’ve had to re­fine en­gine build­ing tech­niques and search high and low for bet­ter tal­ent in or­der to come up with com­pet­i­tive war­ranties. And even with all that, builders don’t al­ways hit the mark. You may buy a re­built en­gine from a dis­count auto parts house or a lo­cal re­builder and wind up with con­sid­er­ably less than you’d hoped for.

Chevro­let Per­for­mance has all-new, high-per­for­mance crate en­gines avail­able for your car build­ing project. These are brand-new en­gines built to Chevro­let’s tough­est fac­tory OEM stan­dards, only it doesn’t have to be ex­pen­sive. Just imag­ine, a new crate en­gine cus­tom-built to your or­der on a cus­tom en­gine as­sem­bly line for vir­tu­ally the same amount of money as an en­gine re­build. All you have to do is or­der it from Chevro­let Per­for­mance, Scog­gin-Dickey Parts Cen­ter, or Sum­mit Rac­ing Equip­ment and it’s on the way from De­troit.

How does Chevro­let do this? It does this via a se­ri­ous com­mit­ment to a sys­tem of checks and bal­ances in the build process that makes ev­ery one of their crate en­gines the same as the last. We’re talk­ing tough OEM stan­dards and more. And be­cause Chevro­let Per­for­mance sells a lot of hand­built, one-at-a-time en­gines, these en­gines be­come the most af­ford­able and

cer­tainly the most rugged in the in­dus­try.

Chevro­let Per­for­mance of­fers new long-blocks such as the LSX376B8/476hp crate en­gines with forged pis­tons. You get in­cred­i­ble per­for­mance at an un­be­liev­able price for all that can be had with this great setup. While lighter blocks were built for im­proved gas mileage, they’re not a great op­tion for se­ri­ous per­for­mance ap­pli­ca­tions, as the bot­tom ends can­not with­stand the ex­tra pres­sure. The strength of these LSX-B8 bot­tom ends for forced in­duc­tion will tol­er­ate the in­creased cylin­der pres­sures and pre­vent strain on the other com­po­nents.

The same can be said for tra­di­tional small-block Chevy crate en­gines avail­able from Chevro­let Per­for­mance. They also of­fer ter­rific drop-in re­place­ment small-block en­gines for your clas­sic Chevy car-build­ing project that ar­rive on your doorstep with a warranty, ready to go. CHP

08 | Chevro­let Per­for­mance en­gines are hand­built us­ing spe­cially cal­i­brated torque wrenches, which means pre­ci­sion as­sem­bly with­out guess­work.

Here, an LSX cylin­der head is get­ting its rocker arms in­stalled be­fore it moves down the as­sem­bly line. 11 | A high­per­for­mance steel hy­draulic roller cam is lubed and in­stalled along with the rest of the val­ve­train.

13 | Fast Burn alu­minum cylin­der heads are in­stalled us­ing new com­po­si­tion head gaskets for the best seal­ing. Dow­els in the block make in­stal­la­tion easy. Head bolts are pre­ci­sion torqued to spec­i­fi­ca­tions, which means ev­ery build gets the ex­act same treat­ment.


17 | Each en­gine is pres­sure tested for leaks us­ing air pres­sure. If any leaks are found, the en­gine is side­lined, checked, and cor­rected.

07 | Here are some LS cylin­der heads lined up for as­sem­bly and in­stal­la­tion on Chevro­let Per­for­mance crate en­gines. Note that these are bare head cast­ings, which will get the same close at­ten­tion to de­tail dur­ing as­sem­bly as the short-block. These are...

02 | Parts are laid out as shown with strict at­ten­tion to de­tail. We’re talk­ing forged and coated pis­tons, heavy-duty forged I-beam con­nect­ing rods, high­per­for­mance hy­draulic roller cam, and the best hard­ware. The rods are checked for cor­rect align­ment...

01 | Chevro­let Per­for­mance be­gins with new LS blocks that are fully ma­chined, painted, and good to go. New blocks en­ter the sys­tem like this, ready for as­sem­bly.

03 | Each LS crate en­gine gets a steel forged crankshaft and bot­tom end that has been checked for runout, jour­nal di­men­sions, and is then dy­nam­i­cally bal­anced for smooth­ness.

06 | This LSX short-block has dished forged pis­tons for a con­ser­va­tive static com­pres­sion should you be look­ing to su­per­charge it with boost.

04 | Dy­namic bal­anc­ing of the re­cip­ro­cat­ing parts like the pis­tons and rods is checked for un­equalled smooth­ness.

05 | This LSX short-block has been as­sem­bled with a new crank, rods, pis­tons, oil pump, seals, and gaskets.

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