An ac­ces­sory drive so­lu­tion for any LS swap si­t­u­a­tion

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An ac­ces­sory drive so­lu­tion for any LS swap si­t­u­a­tion

News­flash: GM’s ex­cel­lent Gen III and Gen IV (of­ten lumped to­gether as “LS”) small-blocks are great for en­gine trans­plants. They make great power, don’t weigh a ton, and are so com­pact it’s hard to find an en­gine bay that won’t ac­cept one. Since every­one is do­ing it, it must be easy, right?

Well, the cussing starts when you want your LS en­gine to do more than just spin the trans­mis­sion. The LS en­gine is plenty com­pact, but the stuff bolted on the front is usu­ally any­thing but. Most LS ac­ces­sory op­tions fit into three prob­lem cat­e­gories: ugly, im­pos­si­ble, or ex­pen­sive.

Hol­ley solved all three prob­lems with their new Mid-Mount Com­plete Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem. Fi­nally, an ac­ces­sory drive so­lu­tion for any LS en­gine swap si­t­u­a­tion. It’s a com­plete wa­ter pump, al­ter­na­tor, power steer­ing, and air-con­di­tion­ing pack­age that matches the diminu­tive ex­te­rior di­men­sions of the LS en­gine.

But the Hol­ley Mid-Mount Com­plete Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem isn’t just about where the ac­ces­sories are mounted, but how they’re mounted. Ev­ery­thing at­taches to the in­no­va­tive wa­ter pump cast­ing—noth­ing bolts to the cylin­der heads.

Hav­ing strug­gled them­selves with LS en­gine swap headaches over the years, Hol­ley’s de­sign­ers took a clean sheet ap­proach with their lat­est ac­ces­sory drive so­lu­tion. It’s clear that Hol­ley re­placed, rethought, or reengi­neered ev­ery­thing.

Take the al­ter­na­tor. While its mount­ing pro­vi­sions are com­mon with a fourth-gen­er­a­tion Ca­maro, the bat­tery stud is on the side so it fits tightly to the cylin­der head. The al­ter­na­tor’s unique cast­ing uti­lizes the lat­est hair­pin/ square wire, six-phase tech­nol­ogy to de­liver 150 amps.

Be­low the al­ter­na­tor is a Type II power steer­ing pump, which in­cludes a bril­liant banjo to -6 AN hard line adapter. The piece re­lo­cates the pressure out­let to make the in­stal­la­tion com­pact and plumb­ing a breeze.

And there’s no need to ditch the com­forts of cold air con­di­tion­ing with the Hol­ley Mid-Mount Com­plete Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem. It in­cludes a com­pact and mod­ern SD7 com­pres­sor that bolts to the wa­ter pump cast­ing with a handy slot­ted mount.

Speak­ing of the wa­ter pump cast­ing, it in­cludes a pro­pri­etary pump insert us­ing the same tech­nol­ogy from the lat­est Corvette, in­clud­ing a com­plex

ce­ramic fluid seal to sur­vive the rig­ors of high-rpm op­er­a­tion.

Be­sides in­clud­ing pro­vi­sions for all of the ac­ces­sories, the so­phis­ti­cated, patent-pend­ing wa­ter pump cast­ing in­cludes two heater hose mount­ing op­tions to ac­com­mo­date vir­tu­ally any en­gine com­part­ment si­t­u­a­tion. Ad­di­tion­ally, the cast­ing ac­cepts stan­dard and swivel ther­mo­stat hous­ings.

The Mid-Mount Com­plete Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem is of­fered with a pro­pri­etary but OEM-style crank­shaft damper (PN 20-185) or a “Pre­mium” kit with an ATI crank­shaft damper (PN 20-180).

Con­sid­er­ing an LS en­gine swap? You’re of­fi­cially out of ex­cuses. CHP

05 | The 5.3-liter-swapped Ca­maro used a Corvette front ac­ces­sory drive. While ev­ery­thing fit, the setup was messy and cum­ber­some.

02 | The wa­ter pump cast­ing ac­cepts both straight and swivel ther­mo­stat hous­ings (swivel hous­ing sold separately), and two heater hose lo­ca­tions max­i­mize in­stal­la­tion flex­i­bil­ity.

01 | The Hol­ley Mid-Mount Com­plete Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem for LS en­gines in­cludes an al­ter­na­tor, power steer­ing pump, and air-con­di­tion­ing com­pres­sor that all mount to a so­phis­ti­cated, patent-pend­ing wa­ter pump cast­ing.

07 | Like­wise, there wasn’t much room be­tween the air-con­di­tion­ing hoses and the in­ner fend­ers.

06 | The Corvette ac­ces­sory drive po­si­tioned the power steer­ing pump aw­fully close to the up­per con­trol arm.

03 | Hol­ley of­fers kits with two dif­fer­ent crank dampers: an OEM-style (left), and an SFI-ap­proved assem­bly (right).

04 | The kit we in­stalled on a 5.3-liter swapped ’69 Ca­maro used the Hol­ley OEM-style damper (left). Though it ap­pears sim­i­lar to a truck damper (right), the pul­ley is roughly 3/4-inch longer to po­si­tion the ac­ces­sories in front of the cylin­der heads.

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