Chevy High Performance - - Motion Control -

Be­fore: Brian tells us the car had an­noy­ing squeaks and rat­tles, and ev­ery bump in the road up­set the car, mak­ing it feel loose and un­pre­dictable, which wasn’t very safe. Tak­ing free­way on­ramps at any sort of speed was dicey due to the sloppy han­dling char­ac­ter­is­tics. Ba­si­cally, the thrill was gone.

Af­ter: Brian in­formed us that when he drove the car off the lift he no­ticed an im­me­di­ate im­prove­ment in sta­bil­ity, and when he pulled out of the drive­way the car felt way more solid. Gone were the an­noy­ing squeaks and un­ex­plain­able noises and the car was more in tune with the road, of­fer­ing in­stant driver feed­back. The un­pre­dictable na­ture of the car at high­way speed was also ab­sent and he was much more con­fi­dent step­ping on the gas pedal and tak­ing cor­ners more ag­gres­sively. Quicker steer­ing re­sponse was also no­ticed, and as Brian put it, “This car is just way more fun to drive now.”

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