In­stalling a Vin­tage Air Gen IV SureFit cli­mate con­trol sys­tem into a 1967-’68 Camaro

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In­stalling a Vin­tage Air Gen IV SureFit cli­mate con­trol sys­tem into a 1967-’68 Camaro

Own­ing a clas­sic Chevy mus­cle car sure has its ben­e­fits, es­pe­cially when you go out in the garage, fire it up, and hit the open road. The thing is, you can wheel your car through every sea­son re­gard­less if it’s blis­ter­ing hot or freez­ing cold out­side. But wouldn’t it be a whole lot bet­ter if you had the ex­tra comfort of a per­fectly bal­anced cli­mate con­trol sys­tem? Re­gard­less if you’re run­ning a fac­tory stock driveline or a hopped-up mill with a su­per­charger or turbo setup, you can turn to the team at Vin­tage Air to help in­cor­po­rate one of their well-en­gi­neered sys­tems into your ride.

We met up with Peter Newell of Com­pe­ti­tion Spe­cial­ties in Walpole, Mas­sachusetts, who needed to add a cli­mate con­trol sys­tem to a ’68 Camaro that was re­cently up­dated with a wicked twin-turbo small-block Chevy. Vin­tage Air of­fered a seam­less so­lu­tion with their Gen IV SureFit com­plete sys­tem en­gi­neered for the 1967-’68 Camaro. The cut­ting-edge sys­tem fea­tures flyby-wire, fully elec­tronic servo mo­tor con­trols—elim­i­nat­ing the need for ca­bles or rout­ing of a cap­il­lary tube—as well as in­fi­nite blower fan speed ad­just­ment and tem­per­a­ture air blend­ing. Added fea­tures in­clude a high-vol­ume de­hu­mid­i­fied de­frost mode, the abil­ity to uti­lize fac­tory sys­tem con­trols with their patented elec­tronic ca­ble con­vert­ers, and a sep­a­rate high­ca­pac­ity cop­per par­al­lel-flow heat coil and alu­minum plate-and-fin cool­ing coils for in­stant tem­per­a­ture ad­just­ments.

The com­plete kit comes packed with ev­ery­thing you’ll need to take on the con­ver­sion, in­clud­ing all the re­lated com­po­nents like the evap­o­ra­tor, com­pres­sor, en­gine

brack­ets, con­denser, drier, hoses, lines, duct­work, wiring harness, tem­plates, and de­tailed in­struc­tions. We elim­i­nated the com­pres­sor from the SureFit kit since we al­ready had a Vin­tage Air unit from when we added a Front Run­ner ac­ces­sory drive to this en­gine a few months ago. Newell up­graded to Vin­tage Air’s op­tional black-an­odized Gen IV ProLine oval dash con­trol panel fea­tur­ing soft­white LED light­ing in each knob. He also chose to up­grade to the chrome re­place­ment vents packed with black-an­odized ProLine Penta Lou­vers and chrome-plated ProLine oval cen­ter lou­vers.

Vin­tage Air offers a wide va­ri­ety of ProLine con­trol and lou­ver options to give hot rod­ders the abil­ity to tai­lor the look of the sys­tem to match vir­tu­ally any in­te­rior.

To com­plete the in­stal­la­tion and make sure there was plenty of cool­ing to sup­port the mod­i­fied V-8, Holley’s Frost­bite Per­for­mance Cool­ing four­row alu­minum ra­di­a­tor and elec­tric fan shroud pack­age added flaw­less de­pend­abil­ity. You can be sure this busi­ness of­fice will main­tain per­fect tem­per­a­tures through­out every sea­sonal change. CHP

02 | Peter Newell of Com­pe­ti­tion Spe­cial­ties in Walpole, Mas­sachusetts, got started by first in­stalling the front and rear mount­ing brack­ets to the evap­o­ra­tor with the sup­plied hard­ware.

01 | Vin­tage Air’s Gen IV SureFit Com­plete Kit for the 1967-’68 Camaro non­fac­tory air model comes com­plete with ev­ery­thing you need to take on the job of adding a cool breeze to your first-gen. Our in­stall deleted the com­pres­sor and mount­ing bracket since it was al­ready in place thanks to a Vin­tage Air Front Run­ner in­stall we pre­vi­ously cov­ered.

03 | To help il­lus­trate a num­ber of con­nec­tions, which are typ­i­cally done with the evap­o­ra­tor unit in­stalled in the car (but dif­fi­cult to see un­der the dash), the main wiring harness was plugged into the case. Most con­nec­tions are preter­mi­nated to make the wiring a plug-and-play op­er­a­tion.

04 | Newell elected to use Vin­tage Air’s op­tional Gen IV ProLine oval dash con­trol panel in a black-an­odized fin­ish fea­tur­ing their ex­clu­sive soft-white LED light­ing in each knob. The wiring harness was then plugged into the evap­o­ra­tor.

05 | If we were us­ing the stan­dard kit and com­pres­sor ar­range­ment we could have or­dered the kit with all of the re­frig­er­ant hoses pre-crimped. Since Newell’s Camaro was more of a cus­tom in­stal­la­tion, he opted for a hose kit without the fit­tings crimped. To pre­pare the #6 A/C lines to fit the ap­pli­ca­tion, Newell first mea­sured the de­sired length then used a hand­held hose line cut­ter from Earl’s Per­for­mance to care­fully cut the line to fit.

06 | Dur­ing the mockup phase of the A/C lines to the evap­o­ra­tor it’s im­por­tant to coat the O-rings with the pro­vided re­frig­er­ant oil to help keep the O-ring from catch­ing or rolling dur­ing assem­bly. We also put a drop of re­frig­er­ant oil on the threads of the fit­ting. (Note that in this mockup, the A/C lines are not fi­nal crimped.)

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