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LAKE­FRONT PERCH: Henry’s: ‘‘ They’re shoul­der to shoul­der’’ around the South­east Side slips. Ar­den Katz: ‘‘ For the first time in my life, I was sight- fish­ing perch.’’ He was at 87th. Spikes took more fish; min­nows took bet­ter ones. Park Bait: On Tues­day, perch were be­ing caught in Mon­trose Har­bor. Big­ger fish came early; takes sort­ing later. Slez’s: Perch ac­tion steady 89th through 95th, boat or shore; min­nows best.

MUDPUPPIES: A re­minder: It’s that time when mudpuppies are in­ci­den­tal catches. Don Ayres re­minded that they are threat­ened in Illi­nois. They need to be re­leased un­harmed.

ICE FISH­ING? MINOCQUA, WIS­CON­SIN: Kurt Jus­tice: ‘‘ It will be touch- and- go for a while on the ice fish­ing. As in, ‘ Touch the ice with your chisel. If it cracks, go! Get off of there.’ ’’ Ice- mak­ing looks ten­u­ous for the com­ing week. Where ice is safe, wall­eye shal­low ( 3 to 7 feet). Perch in same area. Muskie guys have un­til Nov. 30 in open wa­ter. AREA RIVERS: CHICAGO: Capt. Pat Har­ri­son: Wa­ter cool­ing into 40s and 50s. Some bluegills and smaller bass. KANKA­KEE: Most ef­fort still go­ing to­ward trout in Rock Creek. CHAIN O’LAKES: Tri­an­gle: Crap­pie are in the chan­nels and around re­main­ing piers; best on Chan­nel and Cather­ine. Some perch and yel­low bass at C. J. Smith’s. Muskie ( to 42 inches) hit­ting suck­ers. Some wall­eye near shore very early or at night. LAKE­FRONT: Perch at top. Park Bait: Some steel­head in re­cent days at Mon­trose and other North Side har­bors. A cou­ple of browns Tues­day at Mon­trose. NORTH­WEST IN­DI­ANA: Perch at top. Slez’s: Lake trout day- to- day on Michi­gan City pier and from boats out­side of Burns Ditch on Big Dude blade­baits.

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