To­day’s deal arose in the Reisinger Board- a- Match Teams at the Fall NABC. This event is de­mand­ing; just mak­ing it to the fi­nal day is tough. Your team plays each deal against just one other team. You win it or lose it. Play­ers take risks to try to get an edge.

There is a dif­fer­ence be­tween tak­ing rea­son­able risks and in­dulging in wild, undis­ci­plined ac­tions. West was wild — or maybe way be­hind and try­ing to catch up: He opened a weak two spades on an atyp­i­cal hand. East’s 2NT asked for more in­for­ma­tion, and South dou­bled. East dou­bled North’s threed ia­mond re­sponse, and when South tried three hearts, West mas­ter­minded a dou­ble.

East over­took the first spade with the ace to lead a trump. De­clarer won in dummy, led a club to his king and con­ceded a club. He won the next trump, ruffed a club in dummy, came to his ace of di­a­monds, drew trumps, con­ceded a club and claimed nine tricks, plus 730.

I will say that West’s ac­tions are not my idea of how to play bridge.

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