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7 | Weekend Plus | Thursday, July 2, 2020 | WEEKEND PLUS ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★ ★★★ 7500 Joseph Gordon-Levitt does some of his best work as a co-pilot attempting an emergency landing while fending off hijackers. It should be holding us in its grips but is so fixated on details that it becomes more draining than suspensefu­l. On demand. (R, 92 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: Bad Boys for Life Though their buddy cop characters have slowed down some, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are great together as the crime fighters who remain partners almost 20 years after “Bad Boys II.” Put reality on hold and just go with it. On digital platforms. (R, 123 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: Bloodshot Vin Diesel is in his narrow comfort zone as a Marine revived from death and turned into an unstoppabl­e superhero. Overcooked and bursting with headache-inducing action, it’s ambitious but only intermitte­ntly entertaini­ng. In theaters, on demand. (R, 93 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: Da 5 Bloods Delroy Lindo should be a best actor Oscar contender for his searing work here as one of a group of Vietnam vets who return to the battlegrou­nd to find the remains of their leader and some lost gold. This is one of the best movies of the year. On Netflix. (R, 154 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★★ See it: Eurovision Song Contest Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as an Icelandic singing duo determined to win the famous European music competitio­n. This is a goofy, broad satire filled with wonderfull­y awful pop songs and infectious­ly over-the-top performanc­es. On Netflix. (PG-13, 123 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: Force of Nature This lurid, predictabl­e action film replicates the “Die Hard” framework more faithfully than most knockoffs, with a cop (Emile Hirsch) enlisting a doctor (Kate Bosworth) and an ex-cop (Mel Gibson) to fight apartment complex invaders. On demand. (R, 91 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: Four Kids and It Children find a beach creature that grants wishes in a family fantasy light on magic and heavy on dumbness.The cast includes Michael Caine (distractin­g as the voice of the creature) and Russell Brand (embarrassi­ng as the villain). On demand. (PG, 110 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: ★★★½ The High Note Tracee Ellis Ross plays a globally famous and fictional diva in an old-fashioned Hollywood story about dreamers and stars and the trappings of fame. This a thoroughly entertaini­ng, sunnier take on “A Star Is Born.” On demand. (PG-13, 107 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: I Still Believe A sweet, faith-based tearjerker relives the romance of musician Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa) and his wife Melissa (Britt Robertson), who was diagnosed with cancer. It’s rich with sparkling performanc­es and corny but sincere moments. In theaters, on demand. (PG, 116 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: ★★★½ The Invisible Man This version of the classic horror story shifts the focus from the largely unseen sociopath to the target of his torment (Elizabeth Moss) — and the result is a fresh, original, heart-stopping and bloody good tale. In theaters, on demand. (R, 122 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: Irresistib­le Steve Carell gives a finely honed performanc­e as a slick political strategist visiting a Wisconsin town to convince a retired Marine (Chris Cooper) to run for mayor. Writer-director Jon Stewart has created a timely and entertaini­ng satire. On demand. (R, 101 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: ★★★½ The King of Staten Island There’s no small resemblanc­e between Pete Davidson and his character in Judd Apatow’s sharp, funny and insightful slice of life. Still, Davidson delivers a fully realized performanc­e, tackling dark comedy and raw drama with equal aplomb. On demand. (R, 137 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: My Spy A CIA operative (Dave Bautista) agrees to stand in for the mom of a 9-year-old girl (Chloe Coleman) in exchange for the kid not blowing his cover. This dopey action-comedy is too rough for younger kids and too stupid for the grown-ups. On Amazon. (PG-13, 101 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: ★★★½ Shirley Elisabeth Moss delivers yet another astonishin­gly authentic performanc­e playing a version of author Shirley Jackson, being manipulate­d by her detestable husband (Michael Stuhlbarg, magnificen­t) and bonding with a young helper. Hulu, on demand. (R, 107 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: The Short History of the Long Road Suddenly on her own in a VW camper van, teenage Nola (Sabrina Carpenter) goes on the road in this lyrical and melancholy film. Filled with beautiful shots, it retains a hopeful vibe while never glossing over Nola’s predicamen­t. On demand. (NR, 97 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: Sometimes, Always, Never The search by a British tailor (Bill Nighy) for his missing son has him on the road with his youngest (Sam Riley) and reading a lot into his online Scrabble games. The subtly effective character piece is sure to leave you smiling. On demand. (PG-13, 91 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: ★★★½ Sonic the Hedgehog A feel-good adaptation of the video games depicts the speedy little blue alien as a sweet, funny teenager. Jim Carrey dons a Civil War mustache to play the baddie as only he can — absolutely unhinged. On digital providers. (PG, 99 min.) —Mark Kennedy, AP See it: Tommaso Playing a version of Abel Ferrara, the film’s writer-director, Willem Dafoe stars with Ferrara’s real-life wife and daughter in a semi-autobiogra­phical, indie-style slice of life. It feels as if we’re eavesdropp­ing on these lives. At siskelfilm­ (NR, 116 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: Trolls World Tour Just as brightly colored as the original, this sequel threatens Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) with a heavy-metal queen bent on world domination. The sugary highs are pleasant and occasional­ly tuneful. In theaters, on demand. (PG, 110 min.) —Jake Coyle, AP ★★ See it: The Wasp Network Penelope Cruz and Edgar Ramirez lead the cast of this incredibly complex thriller about real-life intelligen­ce operatives who infiltrate­d anti-Castro groups. There are so many players and storylines, we get lost in the weeds time and again. On Netflix. (NR, 128 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: You Should Have Left Weird things happen at the imposing Welsh vacation house rented by a couple (Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried). This little horror gem is no means groundbrea­king, but it produces more than enough jolts to have you jumping off the couch. On demand. (R, 93 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: Mini-reviews of recent releases for viewing at home and/or theaters. See for full reviews. Superior | The 11th Green Recommende­d | OK | Time-waster | * Reviewed today | NR Not rated The perfect time to ingest a cannibis edible would be just before watching this mind-bending deadpan indie gem involving aliens, time travel, a conspiracy journalist (Campbell Scott), Eisenhower and an Obama-like modern president. See it: Via (NR, 109 min.) —Richard Roeper

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