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In the club lounge, Un­lucky Louie told us his 13-year-old daugh­ter was start­ing to think about ca­reers.

“I told her she could be any­one she wanted,” Louie sighed, “and she looked up­set. She said, ‘Dad, that’s what they call iden­tity theft.’ It’s be­come a cyn­i­cal world.”

There was theft in today’s deal from a team match. Both Souths played at 3NT, and West led a heart. Dummy’s jack won. One de­clarer came to his hand and let the nine of di­a­monds ride. East took the queen and re­turned a heart, and South was doomed. West set up his hearts with the ace of di­a­monds as an en­try. Down one.

The other South stole the game. At Trick Two he led dummy’s deuce of di­a­monds, hop­ing to lose to West, who couldn’t con­tinue hearts ef­fec­tively.

East beats 3NT by putting up his queen (!) to re­turn a heart, but when he played low, de­clarer’s jack won. West ducked again on the next di­a­mond, but South went right by play­ing the king. He lost a di­a­mond to the ace and made over­tricks.

Daily ques­tion

You hold: ♠ K7 ♥ AQ3 ♦ J9765 ♣ A 5 3. You open one di­a­mond, your part­ner re­sponds one spade, you bid 1NT and he jumps to three hearts. What do you say?

An­swer: Since part­ner has a dis­tri­bu­tional hand, I would not in­sist on notrump with a pri­mary club stop­per and weak di­a­monds. Bid three spades. His bid­ding in­vites you to take a spade pref­er­ence, and he must be pre­pared for you to do so with a dou­ble­ton honor. You can still get to notrump.

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