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3 | The Hardest-Working Paper in America | Tuesday, July 14, 2020 | In Complete Compliance With All CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 JJRR I I DDoocctoto­rr s s seseelilvi­v e e inin to to thth e e kknne ee jojoinintt . . EEvveenn yyoo u u wiil ll bb e e aabb le le tt o o sse ee thth e e mmeeddicic­inin e e flfloowiin­ngg wwhheerr e e iit needs to bee . . NN o o gguuee ss s wwoorkrk ,n , o no popkoikn-g ing around, around, the the medicine medicine cushions, cushions, lubricates, lubricates, and helps heal the damaged knee. 660 WWese t 22n2d Street Suite 102 Oakbrook, IL 00 s2 t nd 60 OrOlarnlad­nd Square Dr Orland Park, IL 60 If you received this kind of treatment in the past, and it didn’t relieve your pain, there is a BIG chance the medication landed somewhere around, but not INSIDE, the joint where it can’t help you. This happens 30% of the time without digital imaging. Call Now (708) 963-006750 TT o SScchheedd­ulle Your Free Scrreennii­nngg o You Can Be Pain Free! So if you’re interested, Call now (708) 963-0065. TeleMedici­ne Now Available adno=STM0001110­32601 Medicare and insurance guidelines followed. PAID ADVERTISEM­ENT Go Golfing Play With Your Grandkids Go Dancing

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