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AREA LAKES: Nu­mer­ous read­ers in­di­cate large­mouth and bluegills are most ac­tive. Ken ‘‘Husker’’ O’Mal­ley: Large­mouth good evenings on Texas-rigged power worms on deep weed lines. Af­ter rains, work in­flows with crankbaits on seams. Pete La­mar: Bass and bluegills (some spawn­ing again) ac­tive on flies.

CHAIN: Tri­an­gle: ‘‘Cat­fish tak­ing it all: cut­bait, stink bait, crawlers, leeches.’’ Good white bass school­ing on Pe­tite and Bluff. Some wall­eye early morn­ings at chan­nel mouths on leeches and crawlers. Bluegills ac­tive (bet­ter ones on deeper weed lines). Bass slowed. DELAVAN/GENEVA, WIS­CON­SIN: DELAVAN: Dave Duwe: De­spite boat traf­fic, fishing is ‘‘fan­tas­tic.’’ Large­mouth ‘‘stacked on the weed lines’’; use crawlers, deep-div­ing crankbaits or weed jigs. Pike on outer weed lines. For bluegills, try Lake Lawn or Yacht Club point. GENEVA: Mark Kubal: Big pump­kin­seed and bluegills in 16 to 20 feet over tops of weed bed with gi­ant red worms. Chunky rock bass mixed. Duwe: All species good. Pike moved to ther­mo­cline (30 to 35 feet). Large­mouth on deep weed line (18 to 20 feet) or shal­low weed line (10 to 12 feet). Perch good in 16 to 20 feet. Small­mouth scat­tered. Wall­eye OK at night.

GREEN LAKE, WIS­CON­SIN: Mike Nor­ris: BIG GREEN: Large­mouth and small­mouth hit-and-miss (bet­ter with cloud cover or wind). Wall­eye ac­tive early and late on spin­ners and crawler har­nesses in 15 to 18 feet. Pike ac­tive in 30 to 35 feet. FOX: Wall­eye good trolling crankbaits over deep basin. Bluegills ac­tive off piers. Large­mouth around deep weed lines.

KANKA­KEE RIVER: Ge­orge Peters: Back to fishing near shore, where wa­ter clears faster. Slow black jigs will get small­mouth out of cur­rent.

LAKE ERIE: Larry Jen­nings: When con­di­tions al­low, great wall­eye con­tinue.

LAKE­FRONT: Chicago’s lake­front of­fi­cially re­mains closed, but peo­ple are do­ing many things, in­clud­ing fishing by walk­ing or bik­ing in. Fish­er­men’s park­ing passes aren’t be­ing sold while the lake­front of­fi­cially re­mains closed. Capt. Bob Potesh­man: Out of Chicago, ‘‘lak­ers are spec­tac­u­lar’’ in 95 to 100 feet on Spin-and-Glos on bot­tom. ‘‘There’s been some brutes, in­clud­ing a 28-pounder.’’ Out of North Point, some coho and an oc­ca­sional steel­head and king, but mostly lak­ers. Ev­ery day is ‘‘a dif­fer­ent deal with wa­ter tem­per­a­tures chang­ing.’’ Capt. Scott Wolfe: Sev­enty-five to 125 feet out of Waukegan, north and south of har­bor equally good for lak­ers from 50 feet down to the bot­tom. NORTHERN WIS­CON­SIN: Kurt Jus­tice: Large­mouth very good (best wacky-worm­ing). Small­mouth (out­side edges of coon­tail in 14 to 18 feet), bluegills (over cab­bage beds) and pike good to very good. Muskie and crap­pie good. Leeches re­main low in sup­ply but high in de­mand.

NORTH­WEST IN­DI­ANA: Slez’s: Perch OK for groups mov­ing around in 30 to 45 feet east of the Donut work­ing to­ward Michi­gan City. Trollers tak­ing some steel­head out­side of Ditch in 35 to 45 feet. Salmon and trout in 80 to 150 feet. Cat­fish nights at Portage River­walk. Stan’s Bait & Tackle Cen­ter: Perch in 28 to 32 feet. Lots of lak­ers in 100 to 140 feet.

ST. JOSEPH, MICHI­GAN: Tackle Haven: A few steel­head off pier. Perch slowed with wa­ter flipped.

SHABBONA: Lake­side: Heat slowed fishing, though wa­ter cooled to low 80s. Cat­fish good on chicken liv­ers or crawlers on bot­tom near weed line. Bass shal­low on soft plas­tics.

WOLF LAKE: Stan’s: Jumbo leeches and crawlers tak­ing wall­eye.

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