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13 | The Hardest-Working Paper in America | Tuesday, August 4, 2020 | Tiny Micro-Chip In The Ear: Now Available! • One of the smallest custom hearing aids ever made • 48 channel digital signal processing • Digital engineerin­g allows 1,000’s of custom settings • Controlled by state–of–the– art software Tiny micro-processor Now You See It... Now You Don’t! The Miracle-Ear Advantage: Spaces Are Limited Call Today For Your FREE* Hearing Evaluation! 2 r fo $995* TEH D E Now ThAruoguug­s h A2u7tg us t OLIPMEI N OTUIMS EOVFEFNETR! t h - 3211stst, RReecceeii­v AMuind io TSoenrie™s Pro Hearing aiidd s t for a limited time only. i 1 s aa t $$99955 for a limited time only. ve2 2020 *limited one coupon per patient at the promotiona­l price during event dates only. t vNalo id wailti h aw ny r doistchoeu nd t r .D oeo s t ly tn o raiop r urtc hapsreiso.r ffe r xpdir es 1O/2f0fer *limit one coupon per patient at the promotiona­l price during event dates oNnoly . tv d ithothaen y r ios coofufenr t or ffneo r. Dapope s op t pp ly o purchases. Fits upO to a 3e 5 b lo8s/s2 . expires One More Thing 12/14/18. Some parts of the evaluation include the use of a familiar voice, so please bring a spouse or family member with you. Call us today to confirm your appointmen­t time! •1 % SSaatitsis­fafaccttii­oon Guaarrante­e* •3 r LLimimitit­eed Warrrranty** • FREE E LLififeett­iime Service • Over 70 Yearrs in Business • Over Locattiion­s Nationwide 10000 % 3––YYeeaa r E YOUR SAFETY MATTERS We want to reassure youthat your safety and well-being will always be our priority and we are continuing to monitor and follow all local, state and federal guidelines. 0 1,5300 Visit us online at WE HAVE EASY, AFFORDABLE FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE THMROUGI H RAUAGUCST 3L 1, E20-20EAR HEAMRIRINA­GCLAEI-DEACRENHTE­AERSING AID CENTERS CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-387-3068 24 MONTHS** SAME AS CASH! 100% FINANCING APPROVAL** OR CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-387-3068 On Any Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid! Bacause everyone deserves better hearing! ERHENIGOH N LINCOLLINN­CWOLONOWDO­OD SCHAUSMOUB­TU REGLGIN H ilPwaa ukPela e LincolnwLi­onoco d mComnsmons CSotponle y tSehroppin­g Center 0 E Rd • Suite 19 1 N • Suite NAPERVILLE LAKE IN THE HILLS BURBANK JOMLEIRERT­IVILLE, Court 10 S icero Ave W Algonquin Rd • Suite 4 2884 Pla5in10fi e ld ARLINGTON HEIGHTS Brandenber­ry Park PlaLzAaKE BOURBONNAI­S ORLAND PARK CHICLaA GPOark BENSENVILL­E N ConvenV t SPuAiteR3K­00 t • Plaza 4122 N Mil4w3a3u kFera e eSt 1C4i 3 S YoAv rk Rd • Suite 15 OAKLAWN OLYMPIA FIELDS MORTON GROVE CHICANGORR­IDGE Service Center, Complex 245 4122 N MilwaFuikv­e e 245 W Johnson Rd Butterfiel­d Plaza Washington Commons 5122 W 95TH St e SAtvaer Plaza Most Insurance Plans Accepted Including Blue Cross Blue Shield *If you are not completely satisfied, the aids may be returned in satisfacto­ry condition within 30 days for a full refund. Fitting fee may apply. **Not valid on Audiotone Pro. Hearing tests are always free. CCOODDE:EG BGX1A2A7M0­2C0B38 : adno=STM0001111­62101 ARLINGTOV N Bran7d0e nb erM ry rk 2306 E Rand Rd TSHILLS zaAve BOURBOWNes­N ARISidge 1521 N Convent St Suite 300 t BURBANK 77101 S ce ro e ELMHURST Y1o2r4k Center Plaza 571 N. York St JOLIET 2884 Plainfield Rd IN THE HILLS 4 Cedar Ridge Drive LAPORTE lnCwom od 6923 N Lincoln Ave IN 5 E 8R1sdt Ave MICHIGAN CITY ke Plaza 7 nkAlv in MORTONVGIL­RLO VEPARK Was1h0in g tonRoComse­mvoenlst 7913 Golf Rd A NAPERVILLE West Rid7g7 e Co urCt 256 Illinois Rt 59 NORRIDGE Five StarLPalka­ezaview 4950 N Cumberland Ave OAKLAWN 5122 W 95TH St OLYMPIA FIELDS Butterfiel­d Plaza 3220 Vollmer Rd2400 ORLAND PARK Lakeview Plaza 15880 S LaGrange R1d521 SCHAUMBURG Copley Center • 162 E Golf Rd 701 N Milwaukee Ave • Suite 124 ISL L A 100 E Roosevelt Rd • Suite 19 y CCreen k WHEATON Danada Square West VERNON HILLS

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