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ROY­ALS FIRST Mer­ri­field struck out. Soler sin­gled. Perez sin­gled, Soler to third. O’Hearn reached on in­field sin­gle, Soler scored, Perez to sec­ond. One run. Roy­als 1, Cubs 0.

ROY­ALS SEC­OND Franco dou­bled. N. Lopez struck out. Heath struck out. Mer­ri­field home­red to left (383 feet), Franco scored. Two runs. Roy­als 3, Cubs 0.

ROY­ALS THIRD O’Hearn flied out. Mon­desi dou­bled. Gor­don dou­bled, Mon­desi scored. Franco home­red to left (395 feet), Gor­don scored. N. Lopez reached on in­field sin­gle. Heath dou­bled, N. Lopez scored. Mer­ri­field walked. Mer­ri­field stole sec­ond, Heath stole third. Soler grounded out, Heath scored, Mer­ri­field to third. Perez dou­bled, Mer­ri­field scored. Six runs. Roy­als 9, Cubs 0. ROY­ALS FIFTH Heath lined out. Mer­ri­field sin­gled. Soler struck out. Perez dou­bled, Mer­ri­field scored. O’Hearn dou­bled, Perez scored. Two runs. Roy­als 11, Cubs 0.

ROY­ALS SEV­ENTH Heath walked. Mer­ri­field grounded into dou­ble play. Soler home­red to left cen­ter (413 feet). One

run. Roy­als 12, Cubs 0. ROY­ALS EIGHTH Phillips tripled. Gal­lagher walked. Gor­don sin­gled, Phillips scored, Gal­lagher to sec­ond. One run.

Roy­als 13, Cubs 0. CUBS NINTH Phe­g­ley hit by pitch. Sch­war­ber sin­gled, Phe­g­ley to sec­ond. Almora Jr. popped out. Mills hit for Kim­brel. Mills struck out. Cara­tini sin­gled, Phe­g­ley scored, Sch­war­ber to sec­ond. Ho­erner sin­gled, Sch­war­ber scored, Cara­tini to sec­ond. Two runs. Roy­als 13, Cubs 2.

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