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The Cubs haven’t won a game since Wednes­day. What is this, 2014? If only, right? It’s 2020, as you know, which means it’s, among other things, as strange a time as there has ever been in sports (which you also know).

In the Cubs’ case, they’ve been on hold since be­fore this past week­end not be­cause of any­thing they did or didn’t do — if only life were that sim­ple — but be­cause of an­other team’s coro­n­avirus out­break. And Kris Bryant thought St. Louis sum­mers were “bor­ing” when base­ball was ac­tu­ally be­ing played.

But enough com­plain­ing. The Cubs are back. Well, they will be on Tues­day, any­way. The Car­di­nals fi­asco is, for the time be­ing, at least, in the rearview.

De­spite be­ing shut down for most of a week, the Cubs — 10-3 — can get back to the busi­ness of kick­ing tail and tak­ing names. Or try­ing to.

“I think we’re all hold­ing up fine,” man­ager David Ross as­sured. “The tricky part is the off-the-field stuff.”

The Cubs will have a fun work­out Mon­day at Wrigley Field. That is, if di­vid­ing into mini-teams and en­gag­ing in com­pe­ti­tions such as “tar­get prac­tice” — hit­ting balls at ob­jects placed here and there on the field — can be con­sid­ered fun. Doesn’t it sound fun? And why are we sud­denly picturing a card­board cutout of Fred­bird, the Car­di­nals’ mas­cot, with a big “hit me” sign on it?

Then the real fun — games — can re­sume. As we seem to be say­ing of­ten lately, let’s just hope it lasts.

Here’s what’s hap­pen­ing:


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