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Cy the Cynic strug­gles with his weight. Try­ing to shape up, he hired a per­sonal trainer.

“How is that go­ing?” I asked. “He quit,” the Cynic sighed. “He gave me a too-weak no­tice.”

When Cy was de­clarer at to­day’s 3NT, West led the eight of hearts: deuce, nine, jack. Cy led a di­a­mond to dummy’s jack, and East took the king and shifted to the seven of clubs. Cy fi­nessed with his queen, and West won and shifted back to hearts. East played low.

Cy won and had eight tricks: three di­a­monds, two clubs, two hearts and a spade. He led a di­a­mond to dummy and let the jack of spades ride, but West pro­duced the king and led his last heart, and East took the ace and his fourth heart. Down one.

East-West de­fended strongly, but the Cynic’s play was weak. Cy failed to count win­ners and losers. He must put up the ace on the first club, lead a di­a­mond to dummy and fi­nesse in spades. He wins three spades — nine tricks in all — and the de­fense has only one trick in each suit.

Daily ques­tion

You hold: ♠ J104 ♥ Q42 ♦ AQJ9 ♣ 8 5 3. The dealer, at your left, opens one spade. Your part­ner dou­bles, you re­spond two di­a­monds and he bids two hearts. What do you say?

An­swer: Since part­ner dou­bled be­fore bid­ding a suit, he has sub­stan­tial ex­tra strength. If he held a hand such as 6, A J 10 7 6 3, K 6 5, A 10 2, he would have started with a two-heart over­call. Bid four hearts. Your hand was al­most worth a gamein­vi­ta­tional jump to three di­a­monds ear­lier.

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