Chicago Sun-Times - - SOX BEAT -

REDS FIRST Akiyama grounded out. Castellano­s home­red to left (409 feet). One run. Reds 1, Sox 0.

REDS THIRD Barn­hart home­red to right (387 feet). Akiyama grounded out. Castellano­s flied out. Votto home­red to cen­ter (413 feet). Mous­takas walked, Suárez to sec­ond. Winker home­red to right cen­ter (447 feet), Suárez scored and Mous­takas scored. Five runs. Reds 6, Sox 0.

SOX SIXTH Madri­gal dou­bled. Gran­dal walked. Abreu hit by pitch, Gran­dal to sec­ond, Madri­gal to third.iménez grounded into fielder’s choice, Madri­gal scored, Abreu out at sec­ond, Gran­dal to third. One run. Reds 6, Sox 1. REDS SEV­ENTH Akiyama walked. Castellano­s lined out. Votto dou­bled, Akiyama scored.

One run. Reds 7, Sox 1.


Sox sec­ond base­man Nick Madri­gal swings and misses in the third in­ning.

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