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Wel­come to the awards is­sue! It’s our 5th an­nual and big­gest to date with 140 win­ners across 20 cat­e­gories, and I’m so ex­cited to present them to you.

Clean Eating - - EDITOR'S LETTER -

Culling 140 win­ning prod­ucts is de­li­cious and ex­cit­ing fun, but it’s a beast of a job when you’re sift­ing through hun­dreds of prod­ucts and nar­row­ing down the se­lec­tion to only those that meet a very strin­gent cri­te­ria (see page 59 for our tough-to-meet guide­lines and all the trail­blaz­ing win­ners that did).

It brings the en­tire CE team so much joy to be able to rec­og­nize the health­i­est prod­ucts on shelves now across ev­ery imag­in­able cat­e­gory, which we’re hop­ing makes life a lit­tle eas­ier for you when you’re faced with du­el­ing brands at the store. It also thrills me to know that th­ese brands are paving the way for oth­ers to fol­low in their noble quest to clean up an in­dus­try and be more trans­par­ent with their pro­cesses and in­gre­di­ents so that you can feed your fam­ily and pets, clean your home and care for your body with re­as­sur­ance that your choices are safe and nu­tri­tious.

Also in the spirit of sim­pli­fi­ca­tion, we’ve got five-in­gre­di­ent meals by recipe cre­ator Abi­gail Wolfe that you’ve got to taste to be­lieve. They’re pure magic and in­cred­i­bly easy, much like our five cheap and cheer­ful week­night din­ners you can en­joy for $70 for the whole work­week (that works out to be $3.50 a plate!).

Of course, you’re not al­ways in a hurry. We know you en­joy the process of cook­ing, so we’re of­fer­ing up some re­fresh­ingly ad­ven­tur­ous Thai street food recipes from world wan­derer and recipe pro­ducer Ivy Man­ning (see page 48). And be­fore we to­tally usher in spring, en­joy a few last Sun­days of com­fort food with three nu­tri­ent­dense and in­ven­tive takes on clas­sic pot pie (page 20).

Have a de­li­cious and soul-sat­is­fy­ing month and we’ll see you next! Write to us! We’re lis­ten­ing. CEed­i­to­rial@aim­me­dia.com The soul of clean eat­ing is con­sum­ing food the way na­ture de­liv­ered it, or as close to it as pos­si­ble. It is not a diet; it’s a life­style ap­proach

to food and its prepa­ra­tion, lead­ing to an

im­proved life – one meal at a time.

Eat five to six times a day – three meals and two to three small snacks. In­clude a lean

pro­tein, plenty of fresh fruit and veg­eta­bles,

and a com­plex car­bo­hy­drate with each meal.

This keeps your body en­er­gized and burn­ing

calo­ries ef­fi­ciently all day long.

Choose or­ganic when­ever pos­si­ble. If your bud­get lim­its you, make meat, eggs, dairy and the Dirty Dozen ( ewg.org/ foodnews) your or­ganic pri­or­i­ties.

Drink at least two liters of wa­ter a day, prefer­ably from a re­us­able can­teen, not plas­tic;

we’re friends of the en­vi­ron­ment here! Limit

your al­co­hol in­take to one glass of an­tiox­i­dant-

rich red wine a day.

Get la­bel savvy. Clean foods con­tain short in­gre­di­ent lists. Any prod­uct with a long

in­gre­di­ent list is hu­man-made and not

con­sid­ered clean.

Avoid pro­cessed and re­fined foods such as white flour, sugar, bread and pasta. En­joy com­plex carbs such as whole grains in­stead.

Know thy en­e­mies. Steer clear of any­thing con­tain­ing trans fats, any­thing fried or

any­thing high in sugar. Avoid preser­va­tives,

color ad­di­tives and toxic binders, sta­bi­liz­ers,

emul­si­fiers and fat re­plac­ers.

Con­sume healthy fats (es­sen­tial fatty acids, or EFAs) ev­ery day.

Learn about por­tion sizes and work to­ward eat­ing within them.

Re­duce your car­bon foot­print. Eat pro­duce that is sea­sonal and lo­cal. It is less tax­ing on

your wal­let and our en­vi­ron­ment.

Shop with a con­science. Con­sume hu­manely raised, lo­cal meats and ocean-friendly seafood. Visit sea­choice.org for a print­able pam­phlet.

Prac­tice mind­ful eat­ing. Never rush through a meal. Food tastes best when sa­vored.

En­joy ev­ery bite.

Take it to go. Pack a cooler for work or out­ings so you al­ways have clean eats

on the go.

Make it a fam­ily af­fair. Food is a so­cial glue that should be shared with loved

ones. Im­prove the qual­ity of your fam­ily’s

life along with your own.


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