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“Per­son­al­ized nutri­tion” is the lat­est buzz­word in the health in­dus­try after a re­cent New­cas­tle Univer­sity study found that peo­ple who fol­lowed tai­lored nutri­tion ad­vice de­vel­oped health­ier eat­ing habits. TAKE THE TEST: Ser­vices like San Fran­cisco-based Habit can be a help­ful tool in pro­vid­ing a cus­tom­ized nutri­tion and eat­ing plan based on how your body re­sponds to dif­fer­ent foods. Set to go na­tional in 2018, Habit pro­vides an at-home test kit that mea­sures your DNA and blood to gen­er­ate more than 60 nutri­tion-re­lated biomark­ers, bio­met­rics and life­style choices. YOUR PER­SON­AL­IZED

FOOD PLAN: After send­ing your test sam­ples to an ac­cred­ited lab, you’ll re­ceive re­sults on fac­tors such as what your ideal ra­tio of car­bo­hy­drates, pro­tein and fats is and the types of carbs and fats you should be eat­ing. Visit habit.com for more in­for­ma­tion.

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