In­creas­ing pro­tein and healthy fats while re­duc­ing car­bo­hy­drates is the key to ef­fec­tive weight loss with­out feel­ing hun­gry. We’re show­ing you how easy it is to drop 5 pounds in just 2 weeks with this meal plan that elim­i­nates grains, dairy and re­fined su

Clean Eating - - CONTENTS - By Tif­fani Bachus and Erin Mac­don­ald

This 14-day Pa­leo meal plan is packed with nour­ish­ing foods to keep you sat­is­fied all day.

Spring is here and it’s time to say good­bye to cold­weather soups and stews and hello to the bounty of veg­gies and lighter fare that will help you shed those few pounds of in­su­la­tion you may have put on dur­ing the cold months.

What do most hearty com­fort foods have in com­mon? They’re higher in car­bo­hy­drates, which helps boost pro­duc­tion of sero­tonin, the feel-good neu­ro­trans­mit­ter that helps peo­ple get through the short days and cold tem­per­a­tures of win­ter. But now that days are get­ting longer and warmer, it’s time to lighten up your meals by shift­ing the macronu­tri­ent ra­tio to be lower in car­bo­hy­drates and higher in pro­tein and healthy fats.

Ad­just­ing your macronu­tri­ent ra­tio, as we’ve done in this Pa­leo plan, is a key fac­tor in shift­ing your body into weight-loss mode. Do­ing so af­fects key hor­mones that im­pact hunger, full­ness, crav­ings, me­tab­o­lism and stress. Re­duced car­bo­hy­drate in­take low­ers in­sulin pro­duc­tion, which sig­nals the body to use stored en­ergy (stored in fat cells and in the liver and mus­cles) for fuel.

A Pa­leo plan also changes your sources of car­bo­hy­drates from grains to veg­eta­bles and fruits and elim­i­nates dairy and re­fined sugar. Re­mov­ing ma­jor al­ler­gens such as wheat and dairy al­lows you to see how you feel and how your gut func­tions with­out them.

This is not a quick weight-loss fad, and there’s no de­pri­va­tion here. We want you to look at weight loss as a beau­ti­ful side ef­fect of nour­ish­ing your body with real, un­pro­cessed food that sim­ply shifts your macronu­tri­ent dis­tri­bu­tion to quell crav­ings, leave you fuller for longer and give you more en­ergy.

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