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A 10-year study con­ducted on Euro­pean adults has drawn a link be­tween an in­creased in­take of toma­toes and ap­ples and the pro­tec­tion and restora­tion of lung func­tion, es­pe­cially in for­mer smok­ers.

STALLING TIME: As re­ported in the Euro­pean Res­pi­ra­tory Jour­nal, over 600 men and women un­der­went a lung ca­pac­ity test be­fore and af­ter the study and were asked to record how fre­quently they ate cer­tain foods. Af­ter look­ing at the data, re­searchers de­ter­mined that those who ate more fresh sources of toma­toes and fruits (es­pe­cially ap­ples) ex­hib­ited bet­ter lung func­tion, lead­ing study au­thors to con­clude that boost­ing your serv­ings of th­ese nu­tri­ent-rich fruits can help save your lungs from the pas­sage of time – a ben­e­fit that had showed even greater prom­ise in ex-smok­ers.

PROMIS­ING DATA: Of course, stud­ies like this are lim­ited – when asked af­ter the fact how of­ten they eat cer­tain foods, peo­ple tend to es­ti­mate in whichever di­rec­tion makes them look best. Still, it’s en­cour­ag­ing that even ac­count­ing for other fac­tors like gen­der, age and BMI, re­searchers still found a link – and that th­ese re­sults did not ex­tend to those who ate more non-fresh sources of th­ese fruits. (Think ketchup.) The mo­ral of the story? Choose fresh ap­ples or toma­toes over pro­cessed sauces to breathe eas­ier into your golden years.

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