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There’s noth­ing that says breezy beach bar­be­cue like fish tacos. In this recipe, we layer grilled cod with poblanos, av­o­ca­dos and gre­mo­lata, a mix of fra­grant chopped herbs, gar­lic and lime zest. We chop the herbs by hand here, but feel free to pulse in­gre­di­ents in the food pro­ces­sor if you pre­fer.

6 tbsp fresh cilantro ¼ cup fresh flat-leaf pars­ley 3 cloves gar­lic

½ red jalapeño or ser­rano chile, halved and seeded

2 tsp finely chopped lime zest + 3 limes, quar­tered, for serv­ing 12 6-inch corn tor­tillas 4 poblanos (4 oz each), each cut into 3–4 large pieces, stemmed and seeded 4½ tbsp olive oil, di­vided

3 av­o­ca­dos, halved and pit­ted 1¼ tsp sea salt, di­vided ¾ tsp ground black pep­per, di­vided 1½ lb skin­less cod fil­lets 1 tsp ground co­rian­der

1. Pre­pare gre­mo­lata: On a cut­ting board, chop cilantro, pars­ley, gar­lic, chile and lime zest to­gether (or pulse to­gether in a food pro­ces­sor). Trans­fer to a por­ta­ble lid­ded con­tainer; re­frig­er­ate.

2. Pre­heat a grill or grill pan on medium. Grill tor­tillas un­til grill­marked, about 2 min­utes per side.

3. Brush poblanos with 2 tbsp oil and halved av­o­ca­dos with 1 tbsp oil. Grill av­o­ca­dos on high, cut side down, un­til grill-marked, about 2 min­utes. Grill poblanos un­til crisp­ten­der, about 5 min­utes per side. Sea­son poblanos with ½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pep­per. Thinly slice poblanos cross­wise and thinly slice av­o­ca­dos.

4. Re­duce heat on grill to medium. Brush cod with re­main­ing 1½ tbsp oil, sprin­kle with co­rian­der, ¾ tsp salt and ½ tsp pep­per, and grill un­til marked and flak\, to min­utes per side. Trans­fer to a cut­ting board and flake into large cKunks. NOTE: 7o pre­vent del­i­cate āsK Irom flak­ing too much on the grill, cut pieces of foil an inch wider than the size oI tKe āsK and line witK a smaller piece of parch­ment pa­per. Brush gen­er­ousl\ witK oil, tKen cook āsK on top. If you’re us­ing a grill pan, you can place āsK straigKt into pan.

5. 'ivide av­o­ca­dos, poblano, flaked āsK and gre­mo­lata among tor­tillas. Serve with lime wedges.

PER SERV­ING (2 tacos): Calo­ries: 481, To­tal Fat: 28 g, Sat. Fat: 4 g, Mo­noun­sat­u­rated Fat: 19 g, Polyun­sat­u­rated Fat: 4 g, Carbs: 39 g, Fiber: 12 g, Sug­ars: 2 g, Pro­tein: 24 g, Sodium: 482 mg, Choles­terol: 43 mg

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