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Tem­per hot flashes, re­duce anx­i­ety and boost mood with these nu­tri­ents that have been shown to al­le­vi­ate com­mon menopause symp­toms. BLACK COHOSH, made from the roots of a mem­ber of the but­ter­cup fam­ily, is tra­di­tion­ally used for symp­toms of menopause and pre­men­strual syn­drome (PMS). Stud­ies show black cohosh ex­tract al­le­vi­ates hot flashes, re­duces de­pres­sion and de­creases other symp­toms of menopause. In one study, women who took black cohosh for eight weeks re­ported a 77% im­prove­ment in symp­toms such as hot flashes, mood swings and lack of sex­ual de­sire.

MACA ROOT has been used by na­tive Peru­vians for thou­sands of years for hor­mone bal­ance, sex­ual func­tion, PMS, menopause and bone health, and dozens of stud­ies show its ther­a­peu­tic ben­e­fits. In one study, maca sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced menopausal dis­com­fort in

74 to 87% of women, and it also low­ered blood pres­sure, weight, triglyc­erides and choles­terol lev­els. In an­other study, women who took two 500-mil­ligram cap­sules of gela­tinized maca root pow­der (a form that’s more eas­ily di­gested) twice daily ex­pe­ri­enced im­proved hor­mone bal­ance and a re­duc­tion in hot flashes, ex­ces­sive sweat­ing, in­ter­rupted sleep, ner­vous­ness, de­pres­sion and more.

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