Rope An­chors


CARRY LESS GEAR AND BUILD A SOLID AN­CHOR WITH THE ROPE Have you ever reached a be­lay stance and re­al­ized you placed your last run­ner on a nut, your last quick­draw on a cam, and your last bit of cord around a nat­u­ral fea­ture? There’s a sim­ple so­lu­tion. For long pitches, travers­ing routes, or when you sim­ply run out of slings, build­ing a re­li­able an­chor with the rope it­self is an in­valu­able skill. Many climbers have moved away from this tech­nique due to ad­vance­ments in an­chor- spe­cific gear, but know­ing how to do it can re­ally save your ba­con. It is fast and sim­ple, and it means you can slim down your rack to carry less weight. Read on for a few tech­niques for rope an­chors.

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