Rappel safely with a haulbag.

HOW TO DE­SCEND SAFELY WITH A HAULBAG Stormy weather moves in, and two climbers half­way up a 2,000- foot big wall lack the sup­plies to wait it out. At the same time, an­other party reaches the sum­mit and now needs to de­scend the wall for a well- earned beer. Both groups must know how to rappel with a heavy haulbag, also called “rid­ing the pig.” Im­proper tech­nique can not only be dan­ger­ous, but it can eas­ily tire out even strong climbers, which in­creases the risk of mak­ing a mis­take. Mem­bers of Yosemite Search and Res­cue ( YOSAR) rappel of­ten with heavy bags, so we use a re­li­able tech­nique that puts the heavy weight onto the be­lay de­vice in­stead of the climber. It also al­lows the climber to exit the sys­tem ef­fi­ciently, mit­i­gat­ing risk and sim­pli­fy­ing the de­scent.

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