A few tips, be­fore you give the old ger­bil wheel a spin:

Pad well: With 4–5 inches of dense foam. Mo­tor on: Look for mo­tor­ized walls that can change an­gles. Man­ual ver­sions, or those pow­ered by the climber’s mo­men­tum, can feel slow. Brewer Fit­ness and Climb Sta­tion of­fer both mo­tor­ized and an­gle-ad­justable mod­els. Get swole: To up the ante, wear a weight vest dur­ing higher-in­ten­sity train­ing. Start with be­tween 5 and 10 per­cent of your body weight. Add weight up to 15 per­cent of body weight. When that be­comes too easy, change the hold se­quence or steep­ness to add dif­fi­culty. Get set: For longer routes, num­ber the holds in ad­di­tion to hav­ing them color-coded or taped—do­ing so lets you “skip” holds on the fly, keep­ing you from grav­i­tat­ing to­ward the same se­quences and help­ing to pre­vent repet­i­tive-use in­juries. Clock in: Keep a stop­watch or smart­phone with tim­ing app handy. To stay cool as the pump mounts, use a fan.

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