Bomber Rap­pel Knot or “Euro Death Knot”?

Climbing - - CLINICS GUIDE'S TIP -

To con­nect two ropes for rap­ping, we rec­om­mend the flat over­hand. Use both ends to form a loop, and pass both tails through the loop, cre­at­ing an over­hand knot. Tighten and dress the knot, pre-ten­sion each strand, and leave 1.5- foot tails. If de­sired, tie a sec­ond flat over­hand as a backup knot. Dress it and snug it to the first over­hand. Do not mis­take the flat over­hand for the flat fig­ure 8, which re­quires an ad­di­tional half twist and thread­ing the tails through the loop. When loaded, this knot gets pulled in op­po­site di­rec­tions, caus­ing it to roll apart. Never use the flat fig­ure 8 for rap­pelling. ( See climb­ing.com/ fla­tover­hand for more.)

fig. 5

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