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This tech­nique helps on low-an­gle and fea­tured ter­rain or windy days. Though you should al­ways tie stop­per knots in your ropes, drop­ping them 100 or 200 feet can cause prob­lems. To com­bat this, use “sad­dle­bags”: Once the ropes are threaded, tie their bot­tom ends to­gether in an over­hand on a bight and clip this to your har­ness. Coil the ropes from the knot up­ward, cre­at­ing a sad­dle­bag by at­tach­ing a shoul­der-length sling to a gear loop and hang­ing the coils through this. Pull out the coils as you rap.

the sec­ond’s set-up, use­ful if climber no. 2 is less ex­pe­ri­enced. Have both peo­ple set up their rap­pel at once, de­vices ex­tended. The “top” climber (sec­ond to rap) sets up her de­vice snug against the an­chor. Mean­while, the “bot­tom” climber (first to rap) sets up her rap­pel on the brake-hand strands just be­low the top climber. The weight of the first climber will lock the sec­ond in place. Once the first climber un­weights the rope, the sec­ond can rap.

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