The 10 Multi-Pitch Essentials For your head­lamp.


Food and wa­ter are a given, but what other items are cru­cial on long routes?

1) Head­lamp:

A climb may take longer than you an­tic­i­pate, or you may choose to sleep on top and find the de­scent in the morn­ing.

2) Prusiks:

To rap­pel with a hands-free backup, or to as­cend the rope when nec­es­sary.

3) Knife:

If the ropes get stuck, to cut away old tat on a rap an­chor, or to cut slings to cre­ate an an­chor.

4) Ath­letic tape:

Helps to cleanly cut a dam­aged rope (wrap the core shot in tape then cut) and tend to var­i­ous in­juries.

5) Ex­tra bat­ter­ies: 6) Cell phone:

To call a friend or SAR for help.

7) Matches/ lighter:

If a climb takes longer than ex­pected, you may find your­self on top and de­cide to wait un­til morn­ing to de­scend. You can make a small fire with matches or a lighter to stay warm.

8) Ex­tra cordelette:

For build­ing and re­plac­ing an­chors.

9) Ex­tra lay­ers:

When the sun goes down, will you still be warm in a T-shirt and shorts? Pre­pare for all cir­cum­stances.

10) Aspirin/ ibupro­fen:

Help­ful to help ease the pain of mi­nor in­juries.

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