Miriam O’Brien Un­der­hill



In the mid 1920s, Miriam O’Brien Un­der­hill made the tra­verse from Aigu­illes du Di­able to Mont Blanc du Tacul, tag­ging five 4,000-me­ter sum­mits. In the late 1920s, she coined the term “man­less climb­ing” and in 1929 nabbed the first such as­cent of the GrŽpon with Alice Damesme. Shortly af­ter the as­cent went pub­lic, the French moun­taineer ƒti­enne Bruhl in­fa­mously shook his head and stated, “The GrŽpon has dis­ap­peared. Now that it has been done by two women alone, no self-re­spect­ing man can un­der­take it. A pity, too, be­cause it used to be a very good climb.”

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