15 yummy, healthy crag snacks.

IF THERE’S ONE CON­STANT with climbers, it’s that we burn lots of fuel. How­ever, it can be tricky to find food that both gives you en­ergy and doesn’t take so much ef­fort to digest it leaves you feel­ing tired and bloated at the cliffs. Along those lines, we


01 Dharma En­ergy Bars 02 Stoked Stix In­stant Cof­fee

One tester, who only drinks his cof­fee cold, fa­vor­ably de­scribed the fla­vor as “closer to a smooth French-press brew drip.” Our other tester brewed it up hot and found it equally pleas­ing. Over­all, both testers found Stoked Stix a “pleas­ant, con­ve­nient op­tion” and de­scribed them as the best in­stant cof­fee mix they’d had. $9per­box(8sticks),stoke­droast­ers.com

03 Patag­o­nia Pro­vi­sions Wild Sock­eye Salmon

“This is what Char­lie felt like when he got the ticket to the Cho­co­late Fac­tory,” our tester thought when he opened the 6 oz gold packet of lightly smoked sock­eye salmon over rice and av­o­cado dur­ing a van meal. The tasty Si­tuk River salmon’s pack­ag­ing made them easy to trans­port, open, and serve, whether pulled from a haulbag on the side of El Cap­i­tan or from a cabi­net at home in Boul­der, Colorado. $12forone6-oz­pack­age,pata go­niapro­vi­sions.com

04 Sun Ridge Farms Cho­co­late Maca En­ergy Chews

“These were a blast,” said a tester, re­fer­ring both to the fla­vor and the en­ergy kick. Packed with peanuts, seeds, peanut but­ter, spir­ulina pow­der, and co­coa, these soft, chewy bites were a great size and calo­rie count (170 calo­ries per hand­ful of bites) for be­tween-burn snack­ing. $9–10/lbingro­cery­s­tore­sand­sol­din 5.5oz­pack­ages,sun­ridge­farms.com

05 Bum­ble­bee Fla­vored Tuna Pouches

With each fla­vored pouch con­tain­ing a minia­ture snap-open spoon, these no-mess pouches are light­weight, con­ve­nient, and not fishy. They also pack 11–15 grams of pro­tein. Testers liked the va­ri­ety of fla­vors (seven), rang­ing from spicy Sriracha to re­fresh­ing Lemon & Pep­per. For on-the-go, “real food” pro­tein, this was unan­i­mously a fa­vorite. $1.50per­pouch,bum­ble­bee.com

06 Gluten-Free Bites

Gluten-free, ve­gan, and soy- and dairy-free, these yummy high-pro­tein bites come in a re­seal­able bag, ideal for travel. Our testers road-tripped to Utah, and brought the bites along for the drive and crag: “These things are bet­ter than a bar, and sub­sti­tuted for break­fast when we had to hit the road at 3 a.m.” The six sub­tly sweet fla­vors in­clude Cho­co­late Cherry Al­mond and Co­conut Cashew Crunch. $5per4-ozbag,theg­luten­free­bar.com

07 Liq­uid IV Hy­dra­tion Mul­ti­plier

Re­plac­ing elec­trolytes and stay­ing hy­drated is key. Hy­dra­tion Mul­ti­plier is free of ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers, dyes, fla­vors, and preser­va­tives. “It en­cour­aged me to drink more, and the beet sugar and elec­trolytes kept me feel­ing good dur­ing all-day ses­sions,” said our tester. Pack­of16­for$25(Lemon-Lime)or $30(AçaiBerry),liq­uid-iv.com

08 Clif Bar Sea­sonal Fla­vors

Clif Bars are a climber stand­by­tasty, easy to digest, and pack­ing an en­ergy punch at around 9 g pro­tein and 44 g carbs. The three new sea­sonal fla­vors Hot Cho­co­late, Pump­kin Pie Spice, and Ginger­bread were a hit, es­pe­cially the lit­tle “marsh­mal­low” pieces in the Hot Cho­co­late. These bars are also sweet, so dou­ble as both fuel and a treat. $1.79each,clif­bar.com

09 Munk Pack Pro­tein Cook­ies

With 18g of pro­tein, 6g of fiber, and less than 20 grams of sugar per cookie, these soft, chewy, ve­gan, gluten- free, high- fiber tasty cook­ies are also healthy. “I’ve had other pro­tein cook­ies be­fore, but these I ac­tu­ally like,” said one tester—and they didn’t weigh heavy in the stom­ach. Pack of 6 for $16.79 or as a 4-count sam­pler pack for $11, munpack.com

10 Miche’s Kitchen Cook­ies

Noth­ing beats a good cookie, ex­cept for a good ve­gan, al­ler­gen-free cookie of sprouted grains and seeds. “Miche’s don’t taste like a sub­sti­tute cookie you’d eat while fan­ta­siz­ing about the real thing,” said one tester. “The hard part is not eat­ing 20.” Fla­vors in­clude Cho­co­late Chip, Co­conut-Lime, Ginger­ful, and Green Sugar. Pack­of3­cook­ies­for$3,mich­eskitchen.com

11 The Joy of Cook­ing for Climbers Cook­book

Col­or­fully il­lus­trated, with a sim­ple one-recipe-per-page lay­out on lam­i­nated recipe cards, Cook­ing for

Climbers is a pocket-sized car-camp­ing and home recipe com­pan­ion. The Pe­tite and Po­tent Lemon squares were an in­stant suc­cess at the cliff. “These are def­i­nitely po­tent,” said our tester. “We de­stroyed them.” €15,cook­ing-for-climbers.com

12 Crafted En­ergy Bars

“These tasted like real food—like some­thing you could make your­self,” said a tester. With just 17 in­gre­di­ents—nuts, seeds, fruits, spices, etc.—these sim­ple, mildly sweet bars made a great easy-to-digest crag snack at 210 calo­ries. $15fora6-count­boxor$30fora 12-count­box,crafted climber.com

13 Green­belly Meal2Go

With one third of your daily nu­tri­tional needs, these dense bars are a truly a “meal to go.” Each re­seal­able packet comes with two bars, per­fect for por­tion­ing out or split­ting with your part­ner. Testers noted that you “re­ally didn’t need any­thing else” to stay full all day. Cran­berry Al­mond was a fa­vorite fla­vor with testers. Pack­of3­for$23,green­belly.co

14 CUSA Tea

These or­ganic in­stant-tea pack­ets come in sin­gle-serv­ing pouches. As our tester put it, “If you need some­thing to perk you up, want to add a pleas­ant fla­vor to your wa­ter to mo­ti­vate you to drink, or just like tea, all five va­ri­eties are a great op­tion.” Box­of10serv­ings­for$10,cusatea.com

15 The Cookie De­part­ment

These nummy cake-like cook­ies (more chewy than crunchy) were a hit, in par­tic­u­lar the caf­feine-loaded Awaken Baked, with its dou­ble cho­co­late cof­fee fla­vor. At 300–400 calo­ries per cookie, and plenty of carbs and fats, these were a solid meal re­place­ment/sum­mit treat. $2.50–3per­cookie, the­cook­iede­part­ment.com

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