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The find­ing that fric­tion is the most in­flu­en­tial fac­tor in crimp strength led re­searchers to spec­u­late that it’s gen­er­ally women’s softer, thin­ner skin ( on av­er­age 25 per­cent thin­ner than men’s) that lends them their edge at crimp­ing. The same logic may also ex­plain young crush­ers’ no­table crimp­ing abil­ity. Chil­dren have sig­nif­i­cantly thin­ner skin than adult men or women, with an in­fant’s over­all skin thick­ness around one- fifth that of an adult’s. Skin con­tin­u­ally thick­ens un­til about age 50, mean­ing that younger climbers could have a slight ad­van­tage on tiny edges.

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