5 Things You Didn’t Know About Michaela Kiersch

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She loves Chicagostyle hot dogs with Vi­enna beef and poppy- seed buns.

She knows all the chore­og­ra­phy to the 2008 Wing Chun mar­tial-arts film Ip Man.

One of the best days of her life was sit­ting with her grandma, eat­ing pan­cakes and watch­ing Shark Tank. Af­ter watch­ing

Sis­ter Act 1 and 2 with her mom as a kid, she knows all the words to “Oh Maria,” which she’ll proudly belt out if the vol­ume is high enough to drown out her voice.

Her fel­low climbers at Hid­den Peak call her “Big Mic” due to her abil­ity to climb tall de­spite hav­ing never sur­passed the 5’ 1” height she reached at 13.

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