The High Roller


When the tech- in­dus­try startup div­i­dends be­gin rolling in, it’s time for the High Roller to rack up some “ex­treme ad­ven­ture” tales to re­count at Sil­i­con Val­ley din­ner par­ties, New York sup­per clubs, and cor­po­rate­s­peak­ing events. A cool $ 60,000 and one Ever­est sum­mit tag later, he’s now the “the most in­ter­est­ing man in the world.” With eyes set solely on the sum­mit, the High Roller ap­proaches climb­ing like a busi­ness, and is ready to “con­quer” the play­ing field no mat­ter what— even if it means be­ing dragged up the moun­tain by Sher­pas and leav­ing a path of dis­carded oxy­gen bot­tles in his wake ( then later re­cov­er­ing at base­camp be­neath a guide- pro­vided down du­vet). Find the High Roller pub­lish­ing a trite mem­oir com­par­ing the prin­ci­pals of moun­taineer­ing to his phi­los­o­phy on busi­ness.

Gog­gles Oxy­gen mask Pi­o­let Logo patch Rolex Ex­pe­di­tion flag Sum­mit spray de­vice Red down one­sie Crevasse gear Dou­ble boots with built- in gaiters Alu­minum cram­pons

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