A look back at Easy Rider star Peter Fonda’s sto­ried Hol­ly­wood ca­reer.

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“I WAS fa­mous from birth,” said Peter Henry Fonda, thanks to a movie-star dad to whom he could never get close. “Get­ting out from un­der the shadow of Henry Fonda was dif­fi­cult.” But in the ’60s he trans­formed from Hol­ly­wood scion to coun­ter­cul­ture icon in the block­buster biker movie Easy Rider. “I don’t trust any­body who didn’t in­hale,” he’s joked, but claimed his “in­take of sub­stances was far be­low what peo­ple thought, no mat­ter how weird they think I am.” While he had to over­come his mom’s sui­cide and dif­fer­en­ti­ate him­self from his sis­ter, Jane (and, at times, from his daugh­ter, Brid­get), Peter, who turns 77 on Feb. 23, found him­self through writ­ing, ac­tivism and a love of the out­doors. He even­tu­ally cul­ti­vated a maturity in his later years with a sim­ple credo: “If

you do not have pas­sion [for some­thing], don’t do it.”

1963 LOST AND FONDA “My father never told me or my sis­ter [Jane] much, be­cause he did not know how to show emo­tion,” Peter said of his dad, Henry Fonda. “So he [emo­tion­ally] aban­doned [us] when I was 3.… [Jane and I] shared many ex­pe­ri­ences that were...

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