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“Reg­u­lar gen­tle detoxes sharpen fo­cus, rev en­ergy and im­prove long-term health,” as­serts Dr. Northrup. That’s be­cause toxin buildup leads to fa­tigue, brain fog, headaches and other health woes. Since the skin is the largest de­tox or­gan, she sug­gests soak­ing in a steamy Ep­som salt bath, which will open pores to speed toxin re­moval by up to 30 per­cent. Plus, Ep­som salts are rich in mag­ne­sium, a min­eral most women over 50 are lack­ing, adds Dr. Northrup. “Mag­ne­sium is ab­so­lutely es­sen­tial for the bio­chem­i­cal magic that pro­duces en­ergy in our body — the en­ergy we need to keep our heart beat­ing and our brain work­ing.” To get the ben­e­fits, mix 2 cups of Ep­som salts in a hot bath and soak for 20 min­utes three times a week.

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