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“A healthy mi­cro­biome is the very best pro­tec­tion against dis­ease,” says Dr. Northrup. The rea­son? Ben­e­fi­cial gut bac­te­ria pro­duce 80 per­cent of the body’s im­mune cells and brain chem­i­cals. But these bac­te­ria are short-lived, so it’s cru­cial to re­plen­ish them. To do so, she ad­vises eat­ing fer­mented foods like yo­gurt, ke­fir and miso daily and sup­ple­ment­ing with a pro­bi­otic. For a brand we like, try Re­new Life Ex­tra Care Ul­ti­mate Flora Pro­bi­otic ($20, tar­

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