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Funny cou­ple, ain’t they? On Feb. 23, 1934, di­rec­tor Frank Capra set the bar for all ro­man­tic come­dies with a road trip fea­tur­ing run­away heiress El­lie (Claudette Col­bert) and way­ward re­porter Peter (Clark Gable). Now, make your way through these ques­tions.

What was the name of the com­pany on whose bus Peter and El­lie first meet?

A Grey­hound B Peter Pan C Trail­ways

What’s the ti­tle of the book Peter brags to El­lie that he in­tends to write one day?

A The Dunkin’ Dough­nut B The Hitch­hiker’s Hail

C The Walls of Jeri­cho

In 1940, Night’s stars made their only other movie to­gether. What was it ti­tled?

A Arise, My Love B Boom Town

C Com­rade X

In the 1956 re­make, You Can’t Run Away From It, who played the part of Peter?

A Tony Cur­tis B Rock Hud­son C Jack Lem­mon

Night was the first film to win Os­cars for Best Pic­ture, Di­rec­tor, Ac­tor, Ac­tress and Screen­play. Which other pics matched this rare feat?

A One Flew Over the

Cuckoo’s Nest

B The Si­lence of the Lambs C Ti­tanic

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