These ladies seem to be grow­ing younger ev­ery year! Closer asked top pros why

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Want brighter skin like Brooke Shields’? There’s a vi­ta­min for that!

Kristin Scott Thomas Berry Lip­stick “Whitens” Teeth

The Four Wed­dings and a Fu­neral star is al­ways ra­di­ant, but yellow-tinged teeth in 2015 dulled her megawatt grin. “Pricey in-of­fice pro­ce­dures can bleach away the stains that have amassed over the years, but you can get the same age-de­fy­ing ef­fect with a pop of color on the lips,” says makeup artist Alex LaMarsh, who’s worked with Sarah Jes­sica Parker and Cher. Case in point: Kristin’s sparkling smile now: “The blue un­der­tones of a berry lip­stick in­stantly coun­ter­act any yellow, cre­at­ing the il­lu­sion of whiter teeth.” Even bet­ter, the sub­tle shine of a glossy for­mula with hy­drat­ing jo­joba oil (like Burt’s Bees Gloss

Lip Crayon in Pa­cific Coast, $8, wal­ brings a smile and skin tone to life.

Candice Ber­gen Low­lights Add Va-Va-Vol­ume

Over-high­lighted hair left the Mur­phy Brown star look­ing older at 68 than she does at 71! “Too much bleach zaps hair’s youth­ful di­men­sion while leav­ing it dry and frizzy,” says col­orist Rona O’Con­nor, who has worked with De­bra Mess­ing and Ju­lia Louis-Drey­fus. For smooth, vo­lu­mi­nous and lus­trous locks like Candice has now, O’Con­nor ad­vises adding low­lights, which give hair shine and re­de­posit pig­ments to “plump” strands. To do: Paint 1-inch sec­tions of hair (sim­i­lar to ap­ply­ing high­lights) us­ing a color two shades darker than your cur­rent hue (like Clairol Nice ’N Easy Hair Color in #8/103A-Nat­u­ral Medium

Blonde, $7, tar­ Let sit 25 min­utes; rinse.

Brooke Shields This Vi­ta­min Bright­ens Skin

Even su­per­mod­els aren’t im­mune to the ag­ing woe that af­fects count­less women: pesky brown spots. “Years of sun ex­po­sure leads to an over­pro­duc­tion of melanin, re­sult­ing in the hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion that dots our faces,” says celebrity der­ma­tol­o­gist De­bra Jal­i­man, M.D. To fade those spots and re­store a ra­di­ant glow like Brooke’s now, she rec­om­mends us­ing a cream rich in niaci­namide (vi­ta­min

B3). “It pre­vents spots from form­ing by in­hibit­ing the en­zyme ty­rosi­nase, which cells need to pro­duce melanin.” And re­cent stud­ies show that ap­ply­ing a cream in­fused with the po­tent vi­ta­min (we like Mad

Hip­pie Face Cream $26, mad­hip­ twice a day can fade cur­rent dis­col­oration in just four weeks.

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